The Solar Power Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

The Solar Power Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Unique Solar Talisman. Unique Solar Talisman. Limited Edition will be assembled on the 8th of April 2022.

Harnessed ancient symbolism to strengthen one’s willpower, lifeforce, success and protection

The Solar Power Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Limited Edition! Assembled on the 8th of April 2022 between 5:55-06:35 0 GMT+3, Givataim, Israel.

The elected time for this Talisman features the Sun Exalted in Aries, in its Exaltation degree, and rising in the eastern horizon, with Jupiter and Venus as guardians protectors (Doryphory-Spearbarers), rising before it as morning planets. The Sun enters this degree for one day every year, although not every year it is surrounded by such an auspicious sky, with 4 other planets in strong essential dignity. Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces (Jupiter rules Pisces, Venus exalted there), Moon in her own sign of Cancer (also received by Jupiter, its exalted ruler), and also Saturn has its dignity in Aquarius. Additional Jupiter* is conjunct Neptune, colouring the ambience with a magical flare.

Talisman Components
The image on the front side of the canister is the Egyptian sun god - Ra with the head of the hawk, bearing the symbol of the Sun Disk inlaid with a high-quality Ruby - a notorious solar stone. The Hawk itself is a bird that’s connected to solar power according to the ancient Egyptians. On the backside there is the Sun Disk, bearing the image of the center of the Seed of Life, the geometrical pattern of life, with the sun rays as hands holding the Ankh - the key of life.

The canister itself contains pieces of the Bay Leafs, the tree associated with the sun god Apollo, and another “Solar”’ plant - Juniper, a purifying, protective and vitalizing herb, and finally the famous solar resin - Frankincense. Last but not least, a small piece of pure gold is also added - the metal and symbol of the sun and the highest state of the spirit.

In this unique Talisman, I’ve harnessed ancient symbolism, the time frame for the assembling, intention, stones, plants and metals that are associated to the sun and the solar power according to the ancient traditions.

The ancients believed that the cosmic impacts of the heavenly bodies influence not just human actions, but also the different realms of nature. For example, each planet is connected to different plants, stones and animals.

These traditions were gathered in the 16th century by the famous philosopher and mystic figure Cornelius Agrippa in his book ”The Philosophy of Natural Magic”