Alchemical Earth Element Pendant Silver and Gold

Alchemical Earth Element Pendant Silver and Gold

An Alchemical Exploration of the Earth Element

A tribute to Alchemical earth element. Symbolizes resilience, stability, and the nurturing embrace of our home planet.

The Pictures are taken with our Royal Handwoven Beads Necklace with with Lava, an Earth Gemstonee. You can find purchase the Necklace separately here.

Earth, the Primordial Foundation:
From the depths of the cosmic abyss, Earth emerged as the bedrock of existence, grounding and nurturing all that inhabits the material realm. It represents stability, fertility, and the tangible manifestations of life. Earth connects us to the physical world, evoking sensations of strength, endurance, and abundance. It symbolizes the unyielding force of nature, the essence of solid matter, and its transformative potential.

From the ancient collective human archetype (the Jungian Archetype), the Earth represents the Shadow (Archetype) element representing stability and tangible manifestations, which resonates with the Shadow archetype. The Shadow embodies the repressed and denied aspects of the self, often rooted in our primal and instinctual nature. It represents the "earthly" and grounded aspects of our psyche that may be hidden or overlooked.

The Four Elements project
In the realms of mysticism, the four classical elements hold profound significance, embodying the fundamental forces that shape our universe and our own individual self. Originating from ancient philosophies and mystical traditions, these elements weave a tapestry of divine energies, each possessing unique qualities and symbolic representations.
These pendants were designed to allow you to focus and remember your path and the element you need the most on your life's journey.

The four elements are available as earrings, pendants or rings and both in gold and in silver. 

Here's a way of finding your element and a fascinating story and a unique method which is the key to pure intuition and knowledge:
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