Pendiente de oro Rabino Meir

Pendiente de oro Rabino Meir

Poderoso instrumento judío para protección y seguridaden uno mismo

Trae protección a través del rezo ALOHA DEMEIR ANENI

Reb Meir Ba'al Ha-Nes was one of the known Tannaim that lived in Israel in Roman times. He was the student of Rabbi Akiva and is mentioned in many stories in the Gemara. He is related with many miracles and that is the source for the name Ba'al Ha-Nes (miracle owner).

One of the known stories related to him is about his sister in law that was captured by the Romans. Meir bribed the prison guard with a lot of money and told him to give half of it to anybody who will wish to inform the Romans. The scared guard asked him what to do when the money ends? Rabbi Meir told him to say – ELOHA DEMEIR ANENI and that’s how the guard was saved.

The meaning of the sentence ELOHA DEMEIR ANENI is ”G-D that light all the world answer me”. It also means “G-D of Rabbi Meir answer me” (MEIR is also ‘gives light’).

Another interesting story is about the writer known as Ka-Tzetnik who was held for two years in a Nazi concentration camp. In all his books appear the letters ALEF.DALET.MEM.AIN. When he was asked about these letters he always refused to reveal their meaning. After his death it was discovered that it are the initials of ELOHA DE MEIR ANENI which protected him and allowed him to survive in the concentration camp.

The Rabbi Meir pendant gives the wearer protection and reminds him to be self confident.