Anillo de plata Buddhi

Anillo de plata Buddhi

Buddhist symbol of enlightenment modesty and compassion

Become Awake through modesty and compassion

I've used the leaves of the "Ficus Religiusa" - the sacred fig tree for this design. Prince Siddhartha Gautama sat under this tree and meditated for 40 days in order to discover the source and the cause of all suffering; attained full awakening and became the Buddha.

The word Buddhi was mistakenly translated to “enlightenment” although its true meaning is ‘awakening’ or ‘awareness’. The use of the term ‘enlightenment’ leads to a basic miscomprehension of the Buddhi state, which often leads one to relate to enlightenment as something supreme, as something beyond... and therefore unattainable. Actually, the Buddhi state is simply a state of consciousness, an awakening characterized by a lack of illusionary thoughts.

The Buddhi ring reminds the wearer of the possibility of being compassionate and modest, two qualities that are essential to the awakening process.