Anillo de semillas de la vida de plata

Anillo de semillas de la vida de plata

Símbolo de la creatividad y la fertilidad

Agregado de nuevas ideas.Protección durante el embarazo

The Seed of Life ring

The structure of the Seed of Life is the primary structure of creation. Everything that exists in the universe evolved from this structure since it contains all the mathematics and geometrical laws upon which reality is built. The structure of the seed of Life also symbolizes the seven days of creation.

The ancient symbol of the Seed of Life appears in all religions. It can be found in different sacred places throughout the world such as synagogues, churches, Kabbalah books, the Ancient temple of Abydos in Egypt and many others.

The Seed of Life represents the evolution of the basic pattern on which the entire creation is based and so is a symbol of wholeness, balance, fertility, abundance, and protection.

The Seed of life jewelry is suitable as a symbol of protection during pregnancy, for new beginnings in life, for creativity and new ideas and for creating wholeness.