Hamsa Ben Porat Yosef  de plata

Hamsa Ben Porat Yosef de plata

Bendición de la fertilidad de Yakov

Conéctate con una antigua bendición de abundancia y fertilidad

Ben Porat Yosef

I created the Ben Porat Yosef Hamsa pendant while looking for a symbol of abundance and fertility in the sources.

The term Ben Porat Yosef is taken from Jacob’s blessing on his deathbed to his son Joseph. Before Jacob passed away he bestowed his blessing upon Joseph - it’s an ancient blessing for abundance, fertility, protection, and strength. The Hebrew original words are “BEN PORAT YOSEF, BEN PORAT ALEY AIN, BANOT, ZAADA ALEY SHOR”. “BEN PORAT” means - a son of a fruitful tree, which is a symbol of abundance and fertility. “ALEY AIN” the tree is depicted as standing near a spring or a fountain - again a symbol of longevity and abundance. ”BANOT ZAADA ALEY SHOR” the tree’s branches are curved or becoming entangled on a wall - a symbol of strength and protection. The BEN PORAT blessing is also considered a powerful protection against Evil Eye since Joseph was protected and blessed against the people’s envy.

Genesis 49:22 “Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine by a fountain; its branches run over the wall."

The symbol of the Hamsa is used since the open hand is an ancient symbol of blessing, with the blesser’s hand on the blessed’s head.