Anillo irlandes del discernimiento oro

Anillo irlandes del discernimiento oro

Simbolo de paciencia y superaciĆ³n de los temores

Talisman para soportar dias de crisis

"A fool eats his last potato. A wise man plants it."

This saying originated in the time of the potato famine in Ireland and symbolizes how patience and perseverance over desires and fears bring successful results. This saying is especially true in this time of economic crisis where a large part of the cause is due to fear. 

Engraved on the ring is a four-leaf clover – a symbol of luck in the Irish tradition. The four-leaf clover is a rare form of the regular three-leaf variety. The chance of finding a four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 and it is a common belief that finding this kind of clover brings luck. According to Irish tradition, every leaf has a symbolic meaning. The first leaf symbolizes hope, the second faith, the third love and the fourth luck.