Más de - Soul colgante plata

Más de - Soul colgante plata

Talisman único personalizado con su nombre hebreo SOUL entre letras

Colgante personalizado para la protección y la unidad

The OverSoul Pendant

This pendant contains a small plate engraved with its bearer's name in Hebrew. In between the letters of the name, the letters of the Hebrew word for soul – “Neshama” -  are engraved.

This pendant is a personal and unique charm. The small canister is inscribed with the word "NISHMAT KOL HAI"-meaning "The soul of all beings" This is the opening of the Nishmat Kol Hai prayer, an ancient 2000-year-old Jewish ode that hails the one and only God, the source of all of life. One of the secrets or claims of the Kabbalah teachings is that one of the Hebrew names of God in the Torah "Elohim" which is used for example in the first chapter of Genesis is in plural and is actually a definition for us the beings and the living things that were created by the Ein Sof. The kabbala says that we are the reflection of the infinite and of God. 
I have used this idea for the pendant since the prayer is considered an ancient talisman for protection and salvation and is mentioned in the writing of the Tannaim. Inside the canister, there is a small silver or gold plate with the name of the bearer of the pendant inscribed in Hebrew letters (in genuine Assyrian fonts-the letters of the Torah). The name itself is merged with the Hebrew letters of the word "Neshama" (soul). These letters represent the Superior Soul or the creator himself who protects the bearer of the pendant.
The idea that I am most fond of in this pendant is inscribing the name of the bearer, an independent entity and fusing this individual with the collective soul in order for one to achieve unity, balance and fulfill his/her destiny...
The pendant is an ancient remedy for success and protection.