The Song of the Woods pendant Silver

The Song of the Woods pendant Silver

Ecology pendant - All profits from this pendant will be donated to planting trees.

Develop strong connection and appreciation to trees and nature.

All profits from the sale of this pendant will be donated to organizations planting trees!

The Songs of the Woods pendant is based on the ancient Jewish tradition, that sees trees as a bond between humans and land and the continuity of humankind. This tradition is an altruistic perception that sees the tree as a way for spiritual communication and a path for which we continue to have a beneficial influence on the world even after we leave it.

On the pendant engraved the Hebrew sentence which can be translated to “each grass and grass has its own tune, and from the tune of the grasses the song of the shepherd is made”. The Sentence is taken from the writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. When Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was looking at nature, he found inspiration in every life form. He would see and hear how each grass and tree has it own unique tune. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov considered that fact as the expression of the uniqueness of every living creature and her special tune - nonetheless, the obligation of every human and especially the leader to be sensitive and to listen to the “tune”of others.

The pendant is a strong reminder of the fragile ecological balance in our world and our obligation to protect it.