The Fifth Element Pendant Gold

The Fifth Element Pendant Gold

A simplistic yet sophisticated design that incorporates the strongest shape with the letters of the word LOVE in Hebrew

Connect the wearer with the power of endless love. Bring harmony and unity.

The Fifth Element Pendant is a unique concept that symbolizes one of the most solid substances in the universe - LOVE.

This simplistic yet sophisticated design incorporates several concepts that were derived from ancient Kaballah traditions and sacred geometry.

The pendant itself is called the fifth element because it is a perfect Tetrahedron (3D triangle) which is one of the five Platonic Solids. The five Platonic Solids (for those who are not familiar with this term) are three dimensional regular, convex polyhedrons. They are identical in both shape and size, and regular (all angles equal and all sides equal) with polygonal faces with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex.

There are only five such structures in existence and they are:
The Tetrahedron, with 4 triangular faces.
The Cube, with 6 square faces.
The Octahedron, with 8 triangular faces.
The Dodecahedron, with 12 pentagonal faces.
The Icosahedron, with 20 triangular faces.

These structures were recognized by the ancients as the building blocks of the universe and our reality. They represented, according to the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, the five classical elements: water, air, earth, fire, and void. These structures are said to exist in the secret pattern of the Flower of Life and they are actually the basis for every molecular structure in existence.

When I came to design the pendant I used one of the Platonic Solids - the Tetrahedron which is physically the most robust and solid structure in existence and can literally absorb powerful impacts. I have placed the four Hebrew letters of the word "AHAVA" - LOVE on each one of the four facets. The tetrahedron represents the power of the concept of love since it represents solidity, order unity and harmony.

The construction and numerological value of the word "AHAVA" are fascinating attributes. It is said that creation itself and all living creatures aspire to reach the ultimate experience which is love. The meaning of creation is placed inside the word love (AHAVA). The word consists of three Hebrew letters Alef (1) and Beit (2). The third letter HEI represents in ancient Hebrew tradition God itself and its value is five, just like the building blocks of the cosmos - the five Platonic solids. If you'll look at the word itself you will see that the first letter in the word the Alef is actually transformed into the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter "BEIT", so symbolically the one become two, and in order for this "ONE", this State of unity that existed in the primordial state of the cosmos to exist and to realize and experience itself it is bound to become two. This process gives a point of reference. At the moment of fertilization, the cell divides itself into two which bring us to three – creator, creature, and creation, and here's another fascinating thing - the numerological value of the word AHAVA is 13 (again the trinity of existence and creation) and the Hebrew word E'KHAD - ONE share the same numerological value...