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David Weitzman - Jewelry Designer

David Weitzman is not just a jewelry designer.  He is a man whose unbridled passion to help people and extraordinary artistic talent fuels his creation of emotionally meaningful and visually stunning jewelry that transcends style-jewelry that inspires and impacts lives on a deep and powerful level. His strong presence and desire to help those around him comes from spending many years studying sacred knowledge around the world. David is inspired by the positive feedback he has received from his international customer base, which includes men and women from all walks of life who genuinely and unabashedly believe their life has changed for the better by wearing his jewelry.

Since the flagship release of the Merkaba pendant embodying healing and protection in 1998, David has created hundreds of jewelry designs in various forms, including pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and talismans, with the same objective of inspiring positive changes in people’s lives.

David Weitzman

David’s critically acclaimed work transcends cultural, religious, and even language barriers. This is because his jewelry employs the ubiquitous language of sacred symbols, which is widely understood   around the world. Many are even found in nature, such as plants and the cellular structure of humans and animals, alike. In this way, David’s jewels focus on a set of shared values and experiences, and aim to unite people in a world that often seeks to divide them across religious, political, geographical, and other idealistic barriers. These shared values include health, love, and a connection to something greater than themselves. In this way, his designs offer encouragement and insight to the person wearing them to focus on bringing fulfillment to their lives.

David is an avid nature lover, equally passionate about plants and animals. His home is filled with cats and dogs while his studio houses six large aquariums with many beautiful fish. He engages with nature on a daily basis, and using this interaction as an inspiration for new jewelry designs that incorporate the same sacred geometric laws found in the natural world around him.   When not conceptualizing or creating spectacular jewelry, David enjoys playing and building guitars.  He works and resides in Israel with his beloved wife and two daughters.