Ka Gold Jewelry

Question and Answers

Question: What drew you towards designing jewelry?

Answer: As a child, I loved animals and nature so my plan was to be a zoologist or an archeologist. Even as an adult, I am fascinated by nature, which helped me to be more aware of the laws and regularities of the natural world. When I was a child, I also read many books about ancient cultures, such as Greece, Egypt, and the Mayans, and I was amazed at how all the structures they built and all their theories reflected these same geometrical shapes and laws seen in nature. This stayed with me and helped fuel my interest in studying sacred geometry.  This led me to create jewels that use these very specific geometrical shapes. While it is not the same careers I aspired toward when I was a child, I am still living my dream by using the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient cultures to show how the mathematical laws of nature can create balance and harmony – and depict those laws in beautiful jewelry designs.


Question: Where does your inspiration come from to continue conceiving and creating new jewelry designs?

Answer: My inspiration to continue creating comes from a passion to positively impact the lives of others, which is fueled by my own love of jewelry design and interest in symbolism and the laws of nature. When I reach new understanding about these laws, my goal is to share that knowledge with others through a new design. This is why each piece of jewelry is so meaningful. The jewelry is a channel or avenue through which I can share an idea with someone who is far away in a different country, who speaks a different language, and comes from an entirely different culture. What I can share with others transcends these and other such differences and offers something that everyone can enjoy. 


Question: Please describe the “energizing process” that the jewelry goes through.

Answer: The special energizing process that all of my jewelry goes through is very complex and comes from a long meditative process. It is similar to what Mekubalim (Kabbalah practitioners) call ‘Kavanot’ (intentions) and the Hindus call ‘Samadi.’ It is a conscious state that is created after a very long process of meditation where one has the ability to influence reality through their thoughts rather than physical actions.  


Question: Your Web site notes that people contact you after wearing your jewelry and relate how it has changed their lives.  Can you describe any specific experiences?

Answer: Many people contact me and convey specific changes experienced in their lives after wearing my jewelry. One of the most amazing stories involves something I   witnessed myself and that encouraged me to continue making jewelry. When I first started creating the jewels, I began with the Merkaba design and gave the pendants to friends and relatives. One of the people I gave it to was a very nice young man who used to come to my house a lot and, sadly, was a drug addict. One night, I woke up and found him sleeping on our sofa, shaking, grinding his teeth and sweating. The next day, I decided to give him the Merkaba pendant and explained the shape and what it meant. The change was amazing! Within a day, he stopped smoking (even cigarettes). In two weeks, he was wearing white and practicing meditation. Until then, it was practically impossible to interact with this person due to his heavy drug use. Everyone thought he was lost, but here he was completely clean of drugs and had clarity and happiness, meditating up to eight hours a day, just a few months later. Now, he lives on an organic farm north of Israel and has a happy, healthy and adorable child. ,  

There are also some other great stories of how the jewelry has changed others’ lives. Every time I make a new design, I usually give a few related jewels as a gift.  I had just made the Genesa Crystal design with a ruby inside. One day one of my friends’ spouses called me and asked if she could come over to my workshop, and decided to give her One.  She was so surprised and said she had a dream in which I called her to come over because I had a gift for her. I also found out she was suffering from fertility problems. Two months later, she got pregnant and later gave birth to a boy.

Another story was about a four year old boy who intuitively selected the Genesa Crystal at a shop. He was a very closed and insecure, but after he started wearing the pendant, he began to communicate. I found out about this after his parents called me and asked me to make a new one for him because the first one was damaged.

A third story was about a guy who called me and sounded very sad. He told me that he bought my small Merkaba pendant at a shop but lost it soon after buying it. He said he felt for a long time that he didn't have any luck and hoped that the pendant would change it. I also learned that the seller at the shop he bought it from overcharged him. I invited him to my workshop. Two hours later, he came to the workshop and I noticed his leg was in a cast. I took out three pendants and wanted to give him these as a present, but he agreed to only take the one small Merkaba pendant as a gift and paid for the other two. The second pendant he bought was the Gordian knot (Torus knot). Three months later, he called me and excitedly related how his luck had changed for the better the very same day he visited the workshop.


Question:  Of all of the wonderful forms that you work with in your jewelry design, is there any one sacred shape that you are most drawn to? Which ones have you found to be especially powerful?

Answer:  My favorite model is the Mobius ring. The Mobius ring demonstrates our illusion of self. The understanding of the ideas behind the Mobius ring and other sacred geometry shapes are that these special shapes can boost your abilities.


Question: What inspired you to become a jewelry designer? Were you always an artist, and how did you learn how to do what you do?

Answer: My main influence came from nature at large. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and my grandfather was an agriculture specialist who worked for the UN. He helped third world countries develop better agricultural practices to help fight hunger.  He had a great garden next to his house, and I used to spend many hours, observing different plants, trees, and insects. The designs in nature, as seen within these animals and plants, inspired me. As I mentioned before, reading about history and seeing those early royal jewelry designs was also inspiring. The designs are taken from the geometry and mathematics of creation itself. Other strong influences have been Judaism, Kabala, the Emerald tablet of Thoth, Tibetan Buddhism, music and my own personal penchant to help others.
I have had many guides along the way, including learning jewelry techniques from my friend, Yaniv Shapira, and from an extraordinary artist by the name of Michel Ardi.


Question: It seems like you've drawn your inspiration from many wonderful sources. Many even believe “do what you love and the money will follow." Do you enjoy doing work that brings beauty and healing into people's lives?

Answer: I know for sure that one’s personal happiness can be achieved by bringing happiness to other people's lives. This is why I enjoy what I do so very much. The positive feedback I receive from people all over the world gives me great joy and satisfaction, and I am overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude to the universe for allowing me to impact so many.

Question: You're based in Israel, a very special country. What it is it like living in such an intense, yet beautiful, place? What does it teach you?

Answer: For me, Israel is a mirror of humanity. I feel Israel radiates out onto the whole world and is meant to teach the world a lesson about the importance of patience. I use the collective ability of the Israeli people to maintain a level of peace and harmony as a daily lesson for myself to practice more patience and work toward a better balance in my own daily life.