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Powerful Valentine’s Day Love Jewelry by Artist David Weitzman

Releases at: 01/02/2012

 Givataim, Israel- January 10, 2012 - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for lovebirds all over the world, it is time to look for a fitting Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one. Flowers, chocolates and jewelries are popular choices as gifts for Valentine’s.

For this the coming Love Season, David Weitzman of KA Gold Jewelry has come up with beautifully crafted, “Powerful” Valentine’s Day Jewelry suitable for the occasion.  A truly unique Valentine gift for a loved one is the Ring of Love. This cosmic jewelry expresses one’s feeling of passionate and lasting love to a significant other. Available in silver or gold, the ring is simply designed but superbly crafted. Engraved on the ring is the biblical passage “Love your neighbor as yourself” which in essence is one of the social commandments found in the Bible and in the new testimony.

The Entangled Pendant is a powerful love jewelry designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly and created by Weitzman. The circular pendant is a modern interpretation of the classic Yin and Yang. The infinity symbol is a fitting design that expresses love and unity. The modern “twist” on the Vesica Pisces and Synergy symbol conveys a unity and oneness between two human beings. The “entanglement” need not be between lovers per se but also between parent and child, brothers and sisters and friends.

The Yin and Yang Pendant best signifies the ancient Asian philosophy that opposing powers complement each other. Opposite powers balance each other out as in dark and light, male and female. The Yin is the feminine power while the Yang is the masculine power. The Yin Yang pendant is an appropriate piece of jewelry for two persons who have found their destiny in each other’s love. Offered as two molded pieces or as separates, the Yin and Yang jewelry is indeed a great choice for two lovers who want to be totally connected.

These powerful love jewelries by David Weitzman are chosen by many as gifts for their loved-ones not only on Valentine’s Day but for any other occasion. KA Gold Jewelry has a whole line of jewelries that are unique, beautiful, powerful and meaningful.

KA Gold Jewelry will have a 14% discount on its love jewelry collection from 20th of January to 14th of February 2012.

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