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Jewelry Designer David Weitzman Exceeds 4000 Customer Testimonials!

Releases at: 16/02/2012

 Givataim, Israel- February 16, 2011 – David Weitzman exceeds over 4000 customer testimonials! Passionate and dedicated to his craft, this gifted jewelry designer has consistently earned the respect and admiration of his customers. David continues to study eastern spirituality and ancient wisdom in his unfailing quest for the greater truths from the world’s religions and ancient cultures.

He has gone a long way from 1998 when he released his very first creation, the Merkaba pendant. See more recent testimonial below:

"Hi Yaron & David,

Many thanks, the gold merkaba arrived
and it's absolutely beautiful, so intricately
crafted – brilliant.

Am very happy with it. When I opened
the box and felt it this piece had such a
calm/warmth to it that clearly this
comes from David's heart and putting
that pleasure into this work, I decided
I wouldn't wear it until Christmas day and
wait, but I laid the box on the pillow
next to me and went to sleep and had
the most amazing nights sleep,
felt really good today.

Thanks & Love"

Merkaba pendant.

Over a decade since the Merkaba was first introduced, it remains to be very popular. This customer testimonial illustrates the timelessness of David’s design.

David has since crafted dozens upon dozens of symbolic and inspirational jewelries, all well received and appreciated by his ever growing clientele. He draws inspiration from and feels deep gratitude for all the kind words he has received. He is even more delighted by the letters he gets from his customers when they include photographs of the items they have purchased from him. See another testimonial below:

"Hello David,

My Boyfriend bought me the Personal Creation
necklace in silver. I was totally blown away
with how beautifully everything was done!
The box it came in was beautiful.
Unfortunately it was crushed in the mail
but it was nothing to fix.

I absolutely LOVED the scroll that came
with it!! The personal touch you gave
is appreciated so much.. Just want you
to know that your work is amazing!
I look forward to one day owning all of
your Sacred Art!

Thank you so much for everything you do,
Many thanks
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Personal Creation pendant

For an independent jewelry designer, 4,051 customer testimonials can only be a source of immense pride. The fact that these many people from all over the world have attested to David Weitzman’s design genius and Ka Gold Jewelry’s superb personalized customer service has only succeeded in strengthening their resolve to stay true to their calling, that of turning out powerful symbolic and inspirational jewelries that will bring about positive changes in the lives of those who wear them.

Find out what other people are saying about David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry. Read their testimonies as to how the symbolic and inspirational jewelries David crafted for them has influenced positive changes in their lives.

David Weitzman
Phone: 972-3-5730855
US Phone: 1-888-215-6036
Mailing address: Flower of Life Jewels LTD P.O. Box 853 Givataim 53108 Israel
Workshop address: Korazin 5 Givataim Room 337
Email: [email protected]

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