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Cosmic Jewelry Artist Launches Buddhist Jewelry

Releases at: 10/09/2010

 Israel - September 10, 2010 - Talented jewelry artist, David Weitzman, expands the products of online store, KA Jewelry to include Buddhist jewelry, which can be used to gain enlightenment and peace.
With the teachings of Buddhism as his inspiration, cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has recently created exquisite pendants in silver and gold that reminds the wearer of the Buddhist path to peace and enlightenment. Different symbols of Buddhism, such as the lotus or the sacred fig leaf have been used as pendants, carved into rings and even included as charms in bracelets for many centuries because of their power to enlighten and provide the wearer with positive energy and a strong connection to the Higher Being.

The first pendant draws power from the dharma wheel; a Buddhist symbol that represents the "Noble Eightfold Path" that one must go through to be able to reach a higher level of enlightenment. Thus, you will see the eight spokes of the dharma wheel in the center of the pendant. This unique piece of jewelry also incorporates the sacred fig leaf, which extends from the dharma wheel. It is said that Siddhartha sat under a fig tree for 49 days before he became a Buddha. This dharma pendant can help the wearer open his mind, his heart and his soul and "awaken" (just as Buddha was awakened) to the truths of the universe. It is also a staunch reminder to see oneself and the world with new eyes, assimilating everything that one experiences.

The Awakening Pendant, on the other hand, also incorporates the power and mysticism of the sacred fig tree leaf in a beautiful pendant in gold or silver. This time, though, Weitzman chooses to use a symbol of a deer in the center of the pendant. The deer is said to refer to the Deer Park in Northern India, where Buddha delivered his first sermon, thereby setting the Wheel of Dharma in motion. Together with the fig tree leaves extending from the center outwards, the Awakening Pendant, as a whole, can represent the wearer's own path to awakening. It symbolizes the personal journey of the wearer, guided by the teachings of Buddha. This particular piece of jewelry, in fact represents the artist's own awakening: he says that this was the very first piece of cosmic jewelry he made.

Both the Dharma pendant and the Awakening Pendant are just two of the many various cosmic jewelry lines designed and created by David Weitzman especially for KA Jewelry. KA Jewelry is an online store that offers many pendants, rings, bracelets and talismans that draw power from ancient symbols from around the world. These unique pieces of jewelry, like the two special Buddhist Jewelry discussed, promote healing, enlightenment, peace, positive energy and overall wellbeing.


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