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“Those who dare to be great” value the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring with Laurel Wreath Design.

Releases at: 10/05/2011

 Israel-May10, 2011 –It is a fact that during the ancient Olympics the Laurel Wreath was a sign of the greatness that the winners possessed. The artist, David Weitzman, who created the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring, had this in mind when he put the Laurel Wreath on the ring.

Today we have many people who still have the courage to “dare to be great” that is why the artist created the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring. When you have the ability, the knowledge and the capabilities to achieve goals that others lack the faith and courage to try then you will definitely want to wear this new design created by David Weitzman.

It is a fact that today we do not hold the same beliefs when it comes to the Laurel Wreath, however, when it comes to achieving those things in life that make us a special individual, many people will concede that expressing it by the beauty that this ring possess and the meaning behind it, makes it a deserving reward.

Victory ring

We are all full of hopes and dreams and in order to achieve those goals, we must work towards that end. Our life goals symbolize what we feel that we need to achieve to have a victorious life. Victory in life is great goals for those who are super achievers. The ancient Olympians realized that in order to be victorious, they must “dare to be great” and succeed in their efforts. Those who were a success wore their Laurel Wreaths with great pride. Today those who “dare to be great” will wear the newly designed Inlaid Silver Victory ring.

We should not let barriers hold us back in our life. We should seek out other achievers and let them become a part of our life’s success story. The Inlaid Silver Victory Ring is the modern day version of showing others that there are still those who “dare to be great” in their life. The unique design that the artist David Weitzman selected is a just reward for the victorious.
When you have found those with the knowledge and the capabilities to strive for a successful life then you should venture to recruit them in taking part of your life’s goals. These successful followers will want to wear the artist version of the Laurel Wreath that he introduced to those who “dare to be great.”

The purpose of the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring is to show the world and yourself that you and those around you “Dare to be great!” Let the world know that you have the courage, the ability and the willingness to achieve goals that make your life a success.
The artist wants you to always wear your Inlaid Silver Victory with great pride and make sure that you find others to share in your goals with you so that they too can wear their ring with the same great pride of victory.

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