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Spiritual Jewelry Artist Collaborates with Two Powerful women to Create the "FAmulet" Series

Releases at: 22/11/2010

 Israel – November 20, 2010 – David Weitzman, a cosmic jewelry creator for KA jewelry, joined forces with artist Nona Lila Meged and Iris Yotvat, a woman’ spiritual leader, for the FAmulet Series, a new line of beautiful pieces amulets that draw power from the feminine spirit.

It goes without saying that women hold great power. After all, it is from the mother and the feminine where life starts, is nurtured and is released into the world. It is this feminine power which Nona Lila Meged and Iris Yotvat have been harnessing and teaching others through their talks and creations. It is this same power that David Weitzman learned about during his collaboration with these two amazing women.

Weitzman revealed, “The previous month, I embarked on a fascinating journey to the ancient past. Due to two amazing women, I was privileged to have an encounter with the power, the wisdom and the love of the female aspect of creation.”
The creative process started with Meged, herself a creator of amulets, statues, vessels and paintings inspired from the great mother and Yotzat, a veteran lecturer and instructor on women spirituality, sexuality and relationships. Weitzman said that these inspiring women presented him with exquisite sketches of ancient amulets drawn by Meged. Weitzman then chose three illustrations from this collection and, inspired by the beauty of the sketches, started his own creative process. He admitted to being transported back in time, to the Neolithic period, where female wisdom once ruled ancient tribes and where people looked to the guidance of the ancient Goddesses.

I succeeded in surprising myself!” the artist exclaimed. “They looked like the work of a prehistoric artist. Perhaps it is due to my personal belief that if women ruled the world, it would be a better place, full of compassion and wisdom.
Compassion, wisdom, life, peace and generosity are just some of the feminine characteristics and power that are brought to the fore in Weitzman’s FAmulet Series. The Empowerment FAmulet, for instance, which features concentric triple spirals carved in silver or gold, helps wearers reclaim their feminine power. It is believed that the three spirals represent the three faces of Goddesses: the child (birth), the woman (life) and the crone (death).

The Schechina FAmulet, on the other hand, helps wearers unite or connect with the soul and generosity of the female face of God. The pendant features a lovely, carved female figure with arms outstretched, reaching upwards to the Magen David. It is also a symbol for the balance of the female and male powers and equality of both. Mothers and mothers-to-be, or those who wish to bear children, will be blessed by the Motherhood FAmulet. With a soft, round feminine figure cradling the flower of new life within her belly, this exquisite pendant can nurture, guide and protect new mothers or those who want to become pregnant.
To these three beautiful amulets, Weitzman also adds another powerful creation inspired by the loving and giving spirit of the feminine divine. The Great Mother Ring features leaves circling one another and three “fruits” in the form of precious stones. The leaves represent life while the “fruits” are symbols for the three basic tenets of Buddhism. It is a ring that can be used to remind the wearer of compassion and wisdom.

All Famulets and the Great Mother Ring are powerful jewelry creations that unveil and reveal the great power of women and their spirituality. Made in gold or silver, they comprise Weitzman’s latest collection for KA Jewelry, an online store that offers different rings, amulets, pendants and talismans inspired by ancient symbols and knowledge from all over the world.

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