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To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine – New Forgiveness Pendant by the Artist David Weitzman

Releases at: 15/03/2011

March 15, 2011 – KA Gold Jewelry has unveiled a new piece of jewelry, 'The Forgiveness Pendant'. Pendant is meant to be used as presents for making up for anything they have done wrong or as symbols of unity, forgiveness and love. Its design is simple, yet stylish with words of inspiration glittering around the ring – "To err is human – to forgive is divine".

"Forgiveness is an inseparable part of love. Whether it is forgiving someone else or ourselves, the ability to forgive is the highest virtue we must develop." These are words spoken by the creator of this piece of jewelry, David Weitzman. "When we forgive, we let love come into our heart, we replace anger and resentment with this love and set our heart free…"

These are the very same words that inspired Weitzman as he created his very first piece of 'Forgiveness Pendant'. As a symbol, the pendant, as a whole renders the giver a chance to ask for forgiveness from someone he has hurt. In return, the receiver is given the opportunity to wear this beautifully-crafted masterpiece in his desire to release anger and resentment that had ruled his heart for so long. While he proudly wears this symbol, he is also allowing love to enter his heart and prevent hatred from gripping his soul.

forgiveness pendant

Adding to the pendant's symbolism is the dove found in its center. A dove symbolizes a lot of things – among some of them are love, peace and unity. "I have selected the dove because of the story of Noah, where the dove is a symbol of forgiveness of g-d to earth. The second reason is because the dove was used in ancient times as a means of communication," says Weitzman.

The Forgiveness Pendant is indeed a great piece of jewelry to include in one's treasure box. Anybody can buy this gorgeous looking symbol and hand it off as a gift to someone he has harmed emotionally. With this masterpiece included in your jewelry belongings, you can have peace of mind as well.

The Forgiveness Pendant is offered at a price of $81. For more information about this jewelry and other symbols of forgiveness, visit KA Gold Jewelry. As you browse the site's pages, feel free to check David Weitzman's other creations as well.

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