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Ka Gold Jewelry Launches New Gemstone Library

Releases at: 31/05/2012

 Givataim, Israel- May 29, 2012 – Ka Gold Jewelry is proud to announce its new Gemstone Library. Visitors to their website now have an easy jump-off point to a wealth of information about specific gemstones.

From the main page of the Gemstone Library, each stone is featured with some brief but enlightening information about its characteristics, its origins, the beliefs associated with it, its usage and the benefits it holds for the wearer.

At the bottom of the page for each stone, clients will find the complete photographic list of David Weitzman’s inspirational jewelry designs where the gemstones have been used in the past or may be used in the future depending on client preferences. Due to the wide range of possible combinations, some of the designs are shown with a different stone other than the one featured on the Library’s main page.

Gemstones each hold a particular significance for every individual, and their addition to David Weitzman’s symbolic jewelry designs deepens the meaning of the symbols and enhances the overall look of each piece. By launching this added feature on their website, Ka Gold Jewelry is making it easy for clients to make their own combinations between their favorite gemstone and the most appropriate and meaningful symbolic jewelry that goes with it.

An example of a stone featured in Ka Gold’s new Gemstone Library is the smoky quartz. From its page in the library, visitors to the Ka Gold website will find the smoky quartz figuring prominently in David Weitzman’s journey of life ring among others. The journey of life ring which is created specifically for truth seekers and travelers is the perfect setting for a stone that is said to enhance survival instincts, helping the wearer achieve his/her personal and business goals through his life’s journey.

These are the kinds of information one can expect to find by way of Ka Gold Jewelry’s new Gemstone Library. People who are interested in a particular stone may simply visit Ka Gold’s new Gemstone Library and find a suitable symbolic jewelry on which they wish their stone to be set.


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