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Iranian Jewelry Designer Wins Israeli Jeweler's Contest in Spite of Cultural Tensions

Releases at: 08/09/2007

David Weitzman, Israeli jewelry designer and man behind Ka Gold Jewelry (www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com) states that cultural and political differences have no place in separating people, while announcing the winner of his recent jewelry design contest as Iranian designer, Naeeme Ghafoori Seydani.

Givataim, Israel – September 27, 2007 – Designers from Iran and Israel have been brought together to overcome cultural barriers as a result of the recent July – August symbolic jewelry design contest sponsored by Ka Gold Jewelry at http://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/p-contest/. David Weitzman, an Israeli cosmic jewelry designer of over ten years and the founder of Ka Gold Jewelry, has announced that Iranian designer, Naeeme Ghafoori Seydani, has been awarded with the winning design.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have risen in recent years, making the winner an unlikely candidate in the minds of some. Weitzman instead viewed the situation as an opportunity to prove that personal connections can exist and thrive between otherwise culturally-separated individuals. “I chose Naeeme’s model because I liked it the best and found it interesting,” said Weitzman. “I believe we are all people, and there should be no differences. There aren’t any; no borders and no boundaries. I hope this will be the first step [towards] connecting the Iranians and Israelis on a people-to-people level, because if we have to wait for our leaders, we will not get very far.”

Seydani’s winning jewelry design is a pendant named "Fish" with two reversed fish on a shell. The winning design can be viewed at http://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/p-contest/models/182.php. Seydani explains the meaning behind his design to say “My country (Iran) is a dry place, so in my culture water and everything that is related to water is holy; fish is a symbol of life, food, and moving. Also it is a symbol of attracting love. I use shell, because it is natural and comes from the sea; [it] brings calmness for all of us.”

Seydani will receive either one gold implementation or five silver implementations of his winning symbolic jewelry design as a result of winning the contest. Weitzman will work to overcome the current political controversies between their home nations, which includes a lack of postal service between Iran and Israel, by having Seydani’s completed works sent to him through Holland.

About David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry

David Weitzman is the force behind Ka Gold Jewelry at www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com. He has dedicated himself in a search for sacred knowledge for many years. In 1998, Weitzman began making the Merkaba Pendant. The public response to that piece, telling him how much the pendant helped to change people’s lives, encouraged him to continue creating these and other symbols of peace, and distributing them worldwide. Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry also encourage visitors to create their own sacred and symbolic jewelry designs, through their regular jewelry design contests first launched in 2006.

For more information, or to request an interview with David Weitzman about Ka Gold Jewelry, the company’s jewelry design contests, or Seydani’s winning design, please visit www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com, or contact David Weitzman at 972-3-5733401 or via email at [email protected].

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