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David Weitzman's Mobius Ring: New Trend for Wedding Ring

Releases at: 14/09/2011

Givataim, Israel- September 12, 2011- The Mobius ring is gaining popularity as choice for a wedding ring. A Mobius strip is a mathematical concept where an object has only one surface and one edge. The result is an undulating strip which shows that two facets are made one -a great concept to apply on a wedding ring which is supposed to represent a lasting love between two people.

Cosmic jeweler David Weitzman has created Mobius ring as a representation of the divine self as conveyed in divine geometry. The Mobius ring therefore is symbolical of oneness and unity. This is a notion that best expresses marriage - “where two lives are made one”. Many engaged couples are opting for the more relevant Mobius ring than the normal wedding bands. David also offers a version of the Mobius ring with three diamonds attached.

As Melissa Zacharias wrote:
I wanted to thank you for our wedding rings. They arrived just in time, and they are absolutely beautiful: the ring I have always wanted! So many people comment about them, and I love stopping to explain all about Mobius strips and the uniqueness of the jewelry. We love them!

Jerry Avalos and Jill Opheim wrote:
MY future husband, Jerry Avalos and I want to let you know that we received the rings today without problems. They are more beautiful than we were expecting! David did a wonderful job. We are also hoping to order a few more items from you in the future. Thank you again!

Trust the very talented energy behind KA Gold Jewelry to come up with such a fitting expression of love and trust. His vision to connect and unite different beliefs, religions and cultures through his creations brought about a breath of fresh air in the world of traditional jewelry-making.

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