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Ancient Symbols of Motherhood Featured in Impressive Collection of Mother’s Day Jewelry

Releases at: 20/04/2012

 Givataim, Israel- April 20, 2012 – With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Ka Gold Jewelry showcases their very special collection of Mother’s Day jewelry, all inspired by ancient motherhood symbols from all around the world.

• The Motherhood Famulet Pendant is one such special piece of jewelry that’s perfect for the occasion. The Mother Goddess is depicted carrying within her the sacred flower of a new life. It is intended as a blessing for new mothers, mothers-to-be or those wishing to become mothers.

• Another piece from Ka Gold Jewelry is the Hunab Ku Pendant, symbolizing the “Mother Womb”, from which all the stars including our very own sun and planet came from.

• The Labyrinth Pendant or the Tapuat is held by the Hopi Indians as the symbol for mother and child. The lines of the labyrinth represent the stages of our lives while the center stands for the unconditional love with which a mother sends her children off to the world.

Motherhood symbols abound in all cultures, across geographical boundaries and periods of human history. Today’s interpretation of these motherhood symbols reflects the modernity of our generation without taking away their meaning. David’s work is a clever fusion of ancient beliefs and a modern understanding of what these symbols stood for. His skill and craftsmanship render some measure of uniqueness to the Mother’s Day pieces in his collection.

David is coming also out with a new design special for Mother’s Day. It is a unique piece designed by David Weitzman as yet another symbol for motherhood. Based on initial details announced about this special occasion piece, it will be a circular pendant enclosing two lioness heads at the 1st and 2nd quadrants of the circle, with a triple spiral (Triple Goddess) at the center. There is a separate piece, either another necklace or bracelet in the form of a cub representing each child, with provision at the back for engraving their names. This exciting new piece is well anticipated by loyal followers of David Weitzman’s work.

To make Mother’s Day 2012 all the more memorable, Ka Gold Jewelry will be offering a 12% discount coupon ON ALL JEWELRY! For more details please visit Mother's Day Jewelry page.

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