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Cosmic Jewelry Artist Identifies with World Protests via New Set of "Rebels Jewelry"

Releases at: 30/11/2011

 Givataim, Israel- November 30, 2011- In light of the disturbing political protests that have plagued major parts of Africa and the Middle East and some parts of the rest of the world these past months, it is timely for cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman to come out with a new set of his highly successful “Rebels Jewelry”. It is an inspired creation that should remind us to constantly seek for that which will set us free without resorting to violence. It is an ideal gift for yourself, or for a friend who may be needing a little nudge towards self assertion and individuality.

David recognizes that in each and every one of us there is this deep yearning for freedom, justice and self actualization. Like all his creations, David’s Rebels ring and pendant have an interesting story behind them. About a year ago, an old friend brought him a few ancient Jewish coins and asked if he can come up with a good design for a jewel based on them. Upon closer inspection of one of the coins, David established that it was an original coin from the Year 67, the 2nd year of the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire. It was a revolt that stemmed from the Jewish people’s discontent with the Roman Empire’s corruption and oppression of the masses.

The word “rebel” in some parts of the world almost immediately brings to mind the stereotypical image of an unkempt, heavily armed man hiding from the law, perhaps constantly moving to avoid capture, living in caves or safe houses. For some parents, the same word might mean their teenaged son (or daughter) who keeps getting into trouble by ignoring all the rules. Or it could be YOU during that fleeting moment when you felt the tiniest sparks of rebellion against what everyone expects of your usual by-the-book-self.

Let’s face it, everyone of us, at some point in our lives have felt in our hearts the need to go against what was generally accepted as the norm. Whether we give in to this need or not is beside the point. The point is to celebrate the fact that despite being lulled or forced into conformity, we still have the ability to think outside of the box, to recognize monotony and break from it, to be spontaneous, to desire change and to want to fight for our rights without necessarily hurting or harming others.

Many individuals or entire societies of our day are suffering from different forms of bondage or lack of freedom from one thing or another. Whether we are caught up in a situation where there is intellectual suppression or emotional repression or economic oppression in varying degrees of intensity, we CANNOT and MUST NOT take arms and launch bloody revolts like our ancestors did or like the citizens of countries who at present are in a political turmoil. Now more than ever we must all strive to keep the peace. David Weitzman understands and identifies with the sentiments that have given way to these worldwide protests, and it is these sentiments that he pays tribute to by way of his Rebels Jewelry, and not the manner by which they are being expressed by the violent mobs wreaking havoc in society. We have all been born into an age where comfort and peace (or some version of it) are desired more than the realization of some remote ideals we happen to believe in. For this reason, our naturally rebellious streaks have been accustomed to taking a back seat, quietly smouldering in the recesses of our minds, waiting for the right time to resurface, waiting for a better way to effect change.


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