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Ring of courage helps Italian writer-journalist Roberto Saviano overcome fear in mafia expose

Releases at: 05/10/2009

 Italian writer-journalist Roberto Saviano is all praises for his “ring of courage.” Considered a powerful tool for overcoming one’s fears, Saviano wore the ring during his brave and controversial exposes about Camorra, a well-connected Neapolitan Mafia-like organization. The “ring of courage” can be found at www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com

(Givataim, Israel, October 5, 2009) - Famed Italian writer-journalist Roberto Saviano was all praises for his silver “ring of courage,” which he considered a powerful and effective tool that helped him overcome his fears. Saviano, who collaborates with La Repubblica and L’Espresso, is best known for his daring and controversial exposes about the well-connected Neapolitan mafia-like organization called Camorra and for the ominous threats made against his life.

In an interview, Saviano talked about the experiences he had to go through in order to collate as much information about Camorra and its connections as possible. He was also seen wearing his silver “ring of courage,” the very same ring that can be found on popular cosmic jewelry website Ka Gold Jewelry (www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com) as well as the “Ana Becoach” ring, which can also be found on the same website.

The ring of courage, which helped (and continue to help) Saviano overcome his fears, is intended to give the wearer the understanding that fear is one of the greatest causes of one’s suffering. The ring of courage aims to cleanse the wearer’s thoughts and puts an end to the suffering in the wearer’s life.

The ring of courage seen at www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com has Hebrew text engraved on it which explains that fear comes from ignorance.

Ka Gold Jewelry designer David Weitzman explains: “My idea for this ring of courage came from the novel Dune from the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear. Fear twists your real perception and judgment. Fear causes one to become blind to the beauty and abundance of life. Hence, the fearful one will have deceitful thoughts and feelings.

By wearing the ring of courage, however, Weitzman says that it will “remind you of the great courage that is within you.” Such is the case with Saviano, Weitzman says, because the Italian journalist overcame his fear and continued with his brave exposes.

In the same interview, Saviano also relayed his meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres. According to the Italian journalist, Peres asked him what the ring was and where he got them. In response, Saviano offered to purchase similar rings for the Israeli President.

I think that says a whole lot about Saviano and his bond with the rings, so to speak. He has belief on the rings’ power and influence,” Weitzman underscored.

Reportedly, Saviano also bought rings of courage for his bodyguards. He bought the rings in a shop in Rome, which sells Ka Gold Jewelry pieces.

To date, Saviano and his work has been praised by many, including author-philosopher Umberto Eco who him a “national hero.”

For a video of Roberto Saviano’s TV guesting wherein he cited the ring of courage, you may check www.youtube.com/watch?v=efsEdvcSYGA&feature=player_embedded

Ring of Courage

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David Weitzman may also be reached via phone numbers 972-54-2401327, 972-3-5733401 

About Roberto Saviano

Born in Naples on September 22, 1979, Roberto Saviano collaborates with L’Espresso and La Repubblica as well as with other magazines including Nuovi Argomenti, Nazione Indiana and Sud.

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