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Yin Yang Pendant for Relationships: Exciting New Piece from the Artist David Weitzman

Releases at: 23/10/2011

Givataim, Israel- October 13, 2011- David Weitzman, the creative genius behind KA Gold Jewelry, is coming out with his newest treasure piece, the Yin Yang Pendant. This newest addition to David’s impressive collection of cosmic jewelry designs is his own artistic twist to the age-old Yin Yang or Taiji symbol, depicting the undeniable relationship of all seemingly opposing yet complementary forces in the universe.

The Taiji is the most well-known Taoist symbol. It is made up of the Tao, an outer circle containing Yin-qi (black) and Yang-qi (white). The Tao represents Unity while the Yin and the Yang represent the fundamental feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energies whose constant interplay gives birth to everything that exists. Within the Yin is a small white dot representing the beginnings of Yang, and within the Yang is a small black dot representing the beginnings of Yin. This means that each half contains the seed of the other and that their implied fluid-like movement represents how one cannot exist without the other. It is perhaps the one perfect symbol for the kind of relationship that all human beings crave or seek.

The crane may very well be the oldest known bird in existence, dating as far back as 60 million years ago. This majestic bird is a popular symbol throughout history and across many vibrant and rich cultures of the world. The Romans and Greek generally regarded the crane dance as a symbol of joy and a celebration of life. All over Asia, the crane stands for happiness, longevity and wisdom. The crane’s addition to the Yin Yang symbol can be interpreted as a celebration of the union between two people, whose relationship, in perfect balance, is blessed with deep understanding and joy for all eternity.

David Weitzman created the Yin Yang Jewelry as a symbol of wholeness as well as symbol of relationship between couples who have been fortunate enough to have found that one person they are destined for. It hopes to become a constant reminder and an inspiration for these couples to keep nurturing their bond. The pendant will be offered as two pieces molded together or separated so that each person can wear the half that represents the other person. David’s work in progress will have half the pendant in gold and the other half in silver.

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