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Story of customer about bad luck

Releases at: 03/05/2010

This story is about a guy who called me, sounding really sad. He told me that he bought my small Merkaba pendant at a shop and that the pendant had fallen down and got lost on the same day. He said he felt for a long time that he doesn’t have any luck and he hoped that the pendant would change it. I also learned that the seller at the shop from which he had bought it had overcharged him. I invited him to my workshop.

Two hours later he went up the stairs; his leg was covered in a cast. I took out three pendants and wanted to give them to him as a present but he agreed to get only the small Merkaba as a present and paid for the other two. The second pendant he bought was the Gordian knot (Torus knot).

Three months later, the same guy called me all excited and said his luck changed on the same day. He said he decided to give his mate the second pendant. After she wore the pendant, she sat for an hour without talking. Later this evening she separated from him. After she went, his bad luck was gone, too, and he was very happy…

The Gordian knot pendant:

Gordian knot 

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