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My personal story - a story about faith and will power

Releases at: 07/05/2012

 The next story emphasizes the amazing power of faith and will power. As a consequence of this story, I created the Sureness pendant, the Courage ring, the Will power pendant and the new Confidence pendant.

"When I had just started to create Cosmic Jewelry, I used to travel to shops and distributors to show my designs. I was very short on cash and had only five designs. At that period I engaged in the idea that reality can be changed according to my perception and will. Every day at midnight, I used to meditate. I developed unique ways to focus myself on a specific goal or will and "Give it Life". It worked so well that people around me started asking me to help them and to perform "miracles".

My experience proved me that our consciousness can strongly affect reality even without any physical action (only by using our will power and focus). To remind myself of it, I wrote the word VADAY as a reminder on my cell phone's screen.
I identified with the fact that the letters of the word "Vaday" can be found in the bible in the book of "Kings" -"Vayevarech David At Yehova" -"And David blessed the Lord".
Usually one can expect that it will be the other way- that the believer would ask God for blessing; but this sentence indicates that the power or the grace is inside each one of us and we can use this power to change reality itself.

A few weeks later I took a loan of a certain amount which I promised to return in a few days. I was not aware that it was the period of Independence Day and that all shops are closed so the chances to sell were very low. My family went on a trip that day and asked me to come. I told them I had to close a deal and they laughed and told me there was no chance. On the eve of Independence Day, I decided I will make the sale and get the exact amount until midnight the next day..

I woke up to a very quiet day. The phone didn't ring all morning or at noon time. Still, I kept my confidence that the deal would come.

At around 17:30 the phone rang and it was a customer that owns an alternative medicine clinic. She used to purchase Merkaba pendants for her clients. We set up a meeting at 22:30. When I arrived we talked for some time and I noticed that the time was already 23:10. The customer requested several dozen pedants. I counted the pieces and calculated the amount. It was only 70% of the amount I needed. The watch showed 23:40. I kept on thinking – It can't be. Where is the missing 30%?

We kept on talking for a few more minutes. I even remember that the TV was on with the movie "Scent Of a Woman" starring Al Pacino. Five minutes before midnight, as I was about to leave, the woman turned to me suddenly and asked for a few more pendants. She asked me to calculate the total amount so she could pay me. I clearly remember the moment the calculator showed the exact amount of the loan and I thought to myself - this universe has a great sense of humor…"

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