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A life changing story about giving

Releases at: 01/05/2012

The following story is one that I call "The Story of my Life" and thanks to it I achieved years of self fulfillment.

1998 was a magical year for me. I was learning Sacred Geometry and researching the field of meditation and breathing exercises. I also started to make cosmic jewelry and the first model I designed was the Merkaba. At that time I lived in an apartment in Tel Aviv with two roommates. The apartment was a gathering place and many friends used to come and visit us.

One of the visitors was a really nice person who used to go around with his drawing pad. One time he showed me a set of interesting drawings, showing a child learning to fly. He told me that as a child he had a dream about an old man that taught him how to fly. The problem was that this person was also addicted to hard drugs…

One night I found him sleeping on the sofa in our living room, shaking, sweating and grinding his teeth. I understood that his life was filled with emptiness and he was looking for his way in life. I was so moved, that I gave him a present – the Merkaba pendant I had made. I didn't expect much, after all, his close friends always treated him as a "lost case", but I hoped that the symbol would open the road for him.

Merkaba Prana    Inlaid Merkaba

Two days later, he came to visit, wearing white clothes and told me that he decided to stop using drugs (actually he stopped smoking completely). He started doing meditation and to my surprise, long hours of meditation sessions. The change he underwent was incredible!!!

I remember that when I met him he was speaking very unclearly in broken sentences. He had real problems communicating. After few months he changed totally, he became clear minded, spoke clearly and fluently, was healthy and really happy… His parents came to meet me and thank me. They said that for them, he had been reborn.

This story was one of the main reasons I continued to work on my jewelry and overcome the obstacles involved in developing my artwork. It is because of that small gift and the huge gift of knowing that things matter that I received I return, that I carried on making the jewelry that has touched the hearts of so many people in the world.

Whenever I acknowledge my feeling of self-fulfillment, I remember the person I gave the gift to… and how much I got in return...

Life is a gift! We were born to discover it each and every time we give from the heart
David Weitzman

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