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The green stone dream

Releases at: 07/05/2012

 In 1995, I had a dream that sent me looking for a mysterious green stone:
“A store appeared in one of the alleys. It had a fantastic variety of artifacts including unusual stones. I asked the sales girl for a green stone named “Shamballa”. She said that they didn’t have that stone and showed me stones from different star systems.”
The answer to my dream came that same year. A friend told me about a mumbling beggar who was walking around a street near my home in Tel-Aviv saying all kinds of things… Despite of my hesitation, we went out looking for him. We soon found him. He studied me for a few minutes while my friend went to get him something to eat. Then he said to me ‘You’re the mystic, you’re looking for the stone!’ He yelled ‘Once I had gold; now I have Iron!’
Two weeks later a different friend brought me a copy of ‘The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean’. After looking at this book I understood that this was the green stone I was looking for. It had everything - alchemy, Shamballa, and the great pyramid of Giza….”

Enjoy the cosmic joke!

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