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Story from Childhood

Releases at: 05/05/2010

Is our destiny determined upfront as a result of our action in our previous lives? In Buddhism, this is called Karma – the law of cause and effect -actions bring results and the state you are born in this life is directly affected by your actions in previous lives. The stories that led me to the new creations that might answer this question.

One of my most vivid memories is from my kinder-garden – one of the children bragged in the way kids do about his father telling us how strong. The first thing I thought about (as a small kid…) was that his father, like all adults, will eventually grow old and pass from the world .I knew that this is one of the natural laws of this existence.

Years later I found out that the same understanding drove prince Siddhartha to go out and search for a way out of misery. The first sight that made him go on a quest and to find an answer to suffering was the image of an old man when he was 29...

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