• Dharma Ring Silver and Gold
  • Dharma Ring Silver and Gold
  • Dharma Ring Silver and Gold 812
  • Dharma Ring Silver and Gold 812

Dharma Ring Silver and Gold

Includes the Dharma Wheel and Lotus Flower symbols

Symbolizes the way out of the endless cycle of life and death and suffering - Samsara
$255 USD
1.3cm/1.3cm -  0.5Inch/0.5Inch
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Symbolizes the way out of the endless cycle of life and death and suffering - Samsara

The top part of the Dharma Wheel is made of Gold. The rest of the ring is made of Silver.

On top of the ring, there is the Dharma Wheel Symbol. The circle, the round shape of the wheel, represents the perfection of the Dharma, the Buddha's teaching. The rim of the wheel represents meditative concentration and mindfulness, which hold practice together. The hub represents moral discipline. The three swirls seen on the hub are said to represent the Three Treasures or Three Jewels -- Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. They also represent joy. The spokes represent the Eightfold Path

The Lotus Flower on both sides of the ring is a powerful symbol in Buddhism. It grows in muddy water and it is rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. It resembles the purifying of the spirit which is born into murkiness. The Lotus Flower represents one symbol of fortune in Buddhism. 

A white Lotus Flower which will be symbolized in a silver ring refers to the purity of the mind and the spirit. In the gold version of the ring, the gold Lotus Flower represents all achievement of all enlightenment, especially in the Buddha.

The stage of growth of the Lotus Flower represents different stages of enlightenment. A closed Lotus Flower represents the time before a Buddhist follower found Buddha or enlightenment. A Lotus Flower fully bloomed and open represents full enlightenment and self-awareness.

The mud has an important part in the meaning of the Lotus Flower in Buddhism. All humans are born in a world where there is suffering. This suffering is a vital part of the human experience; it makes us stronger and teaches us to resist the temptation of evil. When we banish evil thoughts from our mind we are able to break free of the muddy water and become one with the Buddha. The mud shows us who we are and teaches us to choose the right path over the easy one.

Finally, the Lotus Flower represents rebirth, both in a figurative and a literal sense. The rebirth can be a change of ideas, an acceptance of Buddha where there once was none, the dawn after one’s darkest day, a renaissance of beliefs or the ability to see past wrongs. In a literal sense, the meaning of the Lotus Flower in Buddhism represents rebirth as a reincarnation, such as in the Buddhist religion, when a soul leaves this world in its present form to be reborn in another.

When I’ve finished this ring I’ve posted on Facebook the photo of the finished design and discovered that it was Buddha’s birthday… So I’ve actually made this model that symbolizes the way out of the endless cycle of life and death and suffering - the Samsara, on the birthday of the one who gave us the key to get out of this endless maze. Interesting…



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  • KAゴールドジュエリー用ポリッシングクロスを日常的に使うと、ジュエリーを効果的に清掃することができます。
  • ジュエリーは、箱や変色防止加工の袋などで、常に別途保管するようにしてください。
  • 水泳、入浴、家事、または研磨剤を用いた洗剤を使用する前には、常にジュエリーを外してから行うようにしてください。
  • 香水、ヘアスプレー、デオドラントなどの化粧品を使用する場合には、ジュエリーを身につける前に行うようにしてください。これらの製品に含まれる一部の化学成分は、表面の仕上げに悪影響を与える可能性があります。

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Each of our items are sold in a decorative package embossed with our original symbol, a string for the pendant and a paper scroll explaining the jewel meaning and authenticity.

What Do I Get?


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