Astrology Rings

An Astrological ring is a powerful magical object, which is created and consecrated under specific astrological configurations. These astrological timings as well as the materials (metals, stones, herbs etc.), the shape of the Talisman and the images and symbols carved upon it – all correspond with the intended power and purpose.

  After the auspicious time for the talisman has been chosen, the Artist/Magus (David Weitzman) will assemble and complete the physical Talisman while concentrating on the intention and the astrological powers invoked. The talisman itself should carry the symbols and glyphs of the intentioned astrological energy, and it should be made with the metal/stone ‘ruled’ by the planet/s invoked.

astrology rings

Universal Talisman Ring

This type of Astrology rings election is made according to unique and powerful events taking place. The election is generally beneficial to most people and does not need to take into consideration each specific wearer’s chart. An example of such event is the auspicious conjunction of fixed star Spica with the planet Venus which took place September 1st, 2018.


Personalized Talisman Ring

These types of Astrology rings are unique remedial Talismans, individually designed, based on the birth chart of the wearer, with the planetary placements and configurations that are the most empowering and balancing for him.


Ka Gold Jewelry Astrology Rings

Ka Gold Jewelry Astrology rings are created by the artist David Weitzman in collaboration with astrologer Michael Ofek. Here are some of the Astrology Ring designs:


7 Metals Astrology Ring

The 7 Metals Astrology Ring contains the seven planets arranged in the Chaldean order. This ring was created when the alignment of the planets is ideal. This astrology ring is a protection talisman and will help the wearer achieve success and healing.

7 metals Astrology ring


Sun in Leo Talisman Ring

The Sun in Leo Talisman Ring is an astrology ring that was created at a time of great solar power. It is embedded with a ruby. This astrology ring contains healing powers and amplifies self-esteem and strength which will help the wearer achieve great success.

Sun in Leo Talisman Ring


Personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman Ring

The personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman ring s a unique one of a kind astrology ring. This ring comes in three variations which you can choose from. The ring will be created on the date and time that will be the most powerful to you and will be magically consecrated.

Personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman Ring


Universal Lunar Ring

The Universal Lunar Ring combines heavenly and earthly love. It is embedded with the magical alphabet of the moon which will help draw its spirit. This astrology ring was designed to increase wealth and other gains while promoting empathy and calmness.

Astrological Universal Lunar Ring


Pentalpha (Venus) Ring

The Pentalpha (Venus) ring is an astrology ring that connects heavenly and earthly love. Venus is the star harmony, divine love, and beauty. This astrology ring is a talisman for protection and good health.

Pentalpha (Venus) Ring


Jupiter Spica Talisman Ring

The Jupiter Spica talisman ring was created during a rare astrological event when Jupiter was in conjunction to Spica which only happens once every twelve years. The top of the ring is the astrological sign for Jupiter and the sides the magical seals of Spica and Jupiter. The benefits of this astrology ring include protection, luck, success, giving, and healing.

Jupiter Spica Talisman Ring

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