Life After Death and the Winged Scarab

Incarnation, resurrection, and consciousness are central themes in my body of work. I intricately employ and interlace ancient symbols depicting the eternal nature of the soul, drawn from diverse cultures across the globe. My fascination with these concepts ignited during my formative years, driven by a myriad of childhood experiences. However, a profound resurgence of … Read more

The Mobius Ring

The Mobius ring. A powerful symbol of unity and oneness. The ring has no facets, no outside and inside. It symbolizes the endless force of creation and the three aspects of the cosmos.

Sacred Geometry And The Human Perception Of Beauty

Sacred Geometry abd the perception of Beauty

Sacred geometry is a graphical representation that allows you to share and express diverse customs, insights, and methods of communicating the same geometrical, philosophical, aesthetic, and beautiful ideas that each of us understands and embodies uniquely. In addition, structures, designs, and patterns may be found in nature in the most minute particles, from the visible … Read more

All About The Philosopher’s Stone

philosopher's stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is a fabled alchemical material that can transform base metals into gold. It was also known as the elixir of life and was thought to be necessary for immortality and regeneration. The philosopher’s stone was the primary emblem of alchemy’s mystical vocabulary, signifying completion at its best, awakening, and eternal happiness. It … Read more

Alchemy In the Harry Potter Book Series


Alchemy is a mystical and historical science that studied the magical qualities, composition, and form of the four fundamental elements and the transformation of elements; it was therefore inextricably linked with transforming spells, making potions, and chemistry. Furthermore, Alchemy is associated with philosophy. One understanding of alchemical literary works that are believed to be driven … Read more

The Sign Of Pisces: Overview Guide

Pisces Collage

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, which represents water. It is represented by two fish swimming in opposing ways, symbolizing Pisces’ continual consciousness divide between realities and imagination. As the last symbol, Pisces has acquired most of the insights gained by the previous symbols, including the pleasures and sufferings, as well as the … Read more

Core Astrological Magic – Foundation Course

We are very delighted to announce an upcoming Astrological Magic course, led by our Astrologer Michael Ofek Ka-gold-jewelry visitors will get a 10% discount on the full course! Link to pay with 10% discount. Beginning March 5th, a month and a half journey, featuring 6 live weekly, 2.5-hour sessions, from the beginning of March to … Read more

Inspiring 7 Buddhist Quotes

Buddha was a spiritual guide during the sixth century B.C. in which his doctrines formed the basis of the Buddhist faith. He is one of history’s most famous spiritual teachers, was born as Siddhartha Gautama, and became a teacher who lectured widely regarding serenity, existence, compassion, prosperity, and mortality. The word Buddha signifies “awakened one” … Read more