The Ring of Eternal Flow Silver

"You cannot step twice into the same river for other waters are ever flowing onto you."

Remind the wearer of the nature of all things - change
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The Ring of Eternal Flow

The ring is a reminder of the true nature of all things - Change & Flow

The eternal flow ring is based on the ideas and concept of the philosopher Heraclitus - one of the ancient Greek philosophers from the era before Socrates. Heraclitus was one of the most important philosophers who based the idea of Logos - a vague term literally meaning- "word", "reason", or "account".

Heraclitus perceived and used the idea of Logos as the principle by which the universe runs by. The use of vague terms and explanations were meant to cause his writing to reach only those capable of understanding them. The term Logos is very similar to the term Tao in the Chinese philosophy. Heraclitus claimed that most human beings are unable to understand the concept of Logos, although it exists and it is eternal. He compared humans ability and perception to deep sleep.

The second famous principle attributed to Heraclitus is the principle of eternal change of cosmos. The principle of eternal change is displayed in his quote - “You cannot step twice into the same river for other waters are ever flowing onto you.” The quote is written on the outside of the ring.

Heraclitus claimed that reality is caused by a permanent struggle between opposing forces in the universe. It is fascinating to see how these perceptions are parallel to the perceptions of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and the Taoism and also of the Buddhist view of change - all things are transient.

Heraclitus relied upon the idea of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire and explained how one element becomes another through an endless process of change and exist in it, in hidden harmony. He treated every object which we can perceive in our senses as something in a process between order and chaos - again a perception parallel to that of Chinese Yin Yang that two opposite forces constitute the universe and are eternally changing. The truth of eternal change, I think, is one of the biggest human tragedies as most humans are unable to experience the eternal change which leads to attachment and at the end bring suffering...

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    Each of our items are sold in a decorative package embossed with our original symbol, a string for the pendant and a paper scroll explaining the jewel meaning and authenticity.

    What Do I Get?

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