Alchemical Water Element Pendant Silver

An Alchemical Exploration of the Water Element

A symbol of the Alchemical water element. Encapsulates emotional depth, intuition, and the soothing power of life's ebb and flow.
$192 USD     (価格 in Gold: $2,396)
3.30cm/3.30cm -  1.3Inch/1.3Inch
Solid Sterling Silver 925     でこの商品を見る Gold



The Pictures are taken with our Royal Handwoven Beads Necklace with Turquoise Arizona, a Water Gemstone. You can find purchase the Necklace separately here.

Water, the Sacred Flow:
Flowing from the eternal wellsprings of existence, Water traverses the realms, shaping landscapes and embracing all in its nurturing embrace. It embodies emotions, intuition, and the ever-changing tides of life. Water possesses the power to cleanse, heal, and renew, representing the ebb and flow of our emotional landscapes. It symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and the hidden depths that reside within our souls.

From the ancient collective human archetype (the Jungian Archetype), Water, as the element associated with emotions and intuition, resonates with the Anima (in men) and Animus (in women) archetypes. Water symbolizes the fluidity of emotions and the depths of the unconscious. The Anima and Animus archetypes represent the feminine and masculine aspects within individuals, highlighting the interplay between rationality and intuition, logic, and emotion.

The Four Elements project
In the realms of mysticism, the four classical elements hold profound significance, embodying the fundamental forces that shape our universe and our own individual self. Originating from ancient philosophies and mystical traditions, these elements weave a tapestry of divine energies, each possessing unique qualities and symbolic representations.
These pendants were designed to allow you to focus and remember your path and the element you need the most on your life's journey.

The four elements are available as earrings, pendants or rings and both in gold and in silver. 

Here's a way of finding your element and a fascinating story and a unique method which is the key to pure intuition and knowledge:
Learn more about the four elements and how to select your element

  • 配送と荷物取扱い




  • 保証





  • 製品ケア


    • KAゴールドジュエリー用ポリッシングクロスを日常的に使うと、ジュエリーを効果的に清掃することができます。
    • ジュエリーは、箱や変色防止加工の袋などで、常に別途保管するようにしてください。
    • 水泳、入浴、家事、または研磨剤を用いた洗剤を使用する前には、常にジュエリーを外してから行うようにしてください。
    • 香水、ヘアスプレー、デオドラントなどの化粧品を使用する場合には、ジュエリーを身につける前に行うようにしてください。これらの製品に含まれる一部の化学成分は、表面の仕上げに悪影響を与える可能性があります。

  • What Do I Get?

    Each of our items are sold in a decorative package embossed with our original symbol, a string for the pendant and a paper scroll explaining the jewel meaning and authenticity.

    What Do I Get?

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