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The Perfect Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Releases at: 22/11/2011

Givataim, Israel- November 22, 2011- It’s that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about the special people in our lives and the gift we want them to have this coming holiday season. Ka Gold Jewelry once again offers a wealth of truly unique and deeply meaningful gift ideas. This year’s focus is on pieces that depict the sacred symbols of love, unity and abundance.

Jewelry pieces that are meant to inspire love never go out of style. They are fashionable at any time of the year, but something about this season somehow lends them more profound value both to the giver and the receiver. David Weitzman’s Jewelry of Love are based on symbols and texts that remind the wearer of love’s power and supreme importance.

Another universal message the holidays bring is the call for unity. This is the season when forgiveness and acceptance give way to the coming together of estranged relationships and personal differences. This is precisely what David’s Gordian Knot Pendant aims to promote. It symbolizes the idea of unity, the ability to transcend every difficulty and to bind everything into one.

We all wish for prosperity or abundance. We wish them for ourselves and for our loved ones. Another perfect gift for this season is the encapsulation of this wish into a singular piece of jewelry like the Cat’s Eye Abundance Ring or the Shefa Pendant. Shefa is a Hebrew word that literally means abundance.

Some of you may already be late with your planning especially if your gifts have to be sent to loved ones in far away places. Postal services all over the world have to contend with enormous traffic on special occasions like Christmas. Ka Gold Jewelry solves this problem for you by providing a downloadable gift card which says, “Your Gift Is On the Way”. You need not worry if your gift does not make it on time. The gift card provides space for a personalized message. It can be given on the eve of the occasion and should compensate by creating excitement and anticipation for the actual gift that you have so thoughtfully chosen for them.

These wonderful gift ideas from Ka Gold Jewelry come with a 15% discount coupon. Just visit their website to learn how to avail of this holiday offering.

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