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Authentic Egyptian Scarab by the Artist David Weitzman Wins Second Place in American Art Awards Contest

Releases at: 02/11/2010

David Weitzman of KA Gold Jewelry recently joined the American Art Awards and landed second to the top spot for the Jewelry Category.

Around three months ago, artist David Weitzman received an email from actor Thom Bierdz. The invitation was to join the prestigious American Art Awards where Thom is a co-founder. Thom, an actor who once played the role Phillip Chancellor III from the "Young and Restless" is also a world-renowned painter and author.

The American Art Awards "honors the creative force in art". The judges' panel is formed by 25 established art galleries in the United States. The body chooses the best ones for 55 different categories, each with 5 winners.

Luckily, David who was new to participating in this award-giving body was given the chance to showcase his art. Apart from winning 2nd place under the Jewelry category for his Genuine Egyptian Scarab, he also won 5th place for his "7 Metals Chaldean Astrology", a piece which he launched in 2009.

The Genuine Egyptian Scarab pendant is one piece highlighted by a Scarab Beetle. This is an Ancient Egyptian Symbol known for ensuring "safe passage to the world of the gods." As David describes it, this authentic masterpiece means "let the eternity of your soul banish fear and fill your life with luck".

Meanwhile, the 7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talisman contains the 7-star symbols namely lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), gold (The Sun), mercury (Mercury) and silver (The Moon). David describes this pendant "as a protector of the wearer and as a piece that will help in one's personal development."

These are but just two of the jewelry collections coming from David Weitzman and his line called the "KA Gold Jewelry". For more information about these winning pieces and his other jewelry designs, simply visit www.ka-gold-jewelry.com.


KA Gold Jewelry is a jewelry store created by David Weitzman. The concept of putting up the store all started in 1998 when he first created his own Merkaba Pendant. From there, he created more designs that embody Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition and the various fields of Kabbalah.

Get a glance of these various jewelry designs from David. Experience how he defines the fusion of science and sacred art in his masterpieces. For more information, visit www.ka-gold-jewelry.com.

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