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7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talisman (*Pre Order*)

Contains the Chaldean order - stars symbol and Zodiac signs. Will be assembled on October 28th 2016 between 10:30 -11:15

7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talisman (*Pre Order*)
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Jewel’s Intention:
Made at selected dates and times to according to the location of the stars.
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Price: $184 USD
Dimensions: 4.0cm/4.0cm -  1.6Inch/1.6Inch
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver 925
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Talisman 7 métaux astrologie chaldéenne (*Pre Order*) - Français
Amuleto 7 metales plateado.Caldeo (*Pre Order*) - Español
7-metalliger Chaldäer Astrologie Talisman (*Pre Order*) - Deutsch
7つの金属を使ったカルデア占星術のお守り (*Pre Order*) - 日本語
קמע 7 מתכות של אסטרולוגיה הקלדאית (*הזמנה מוקדמת*) - עברית
Кулон «Семь металлов, астрология» (*Pre Order*) - русский
Talimano astrologico caldeo 7 metalli (*Pre Order*) - italiano