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Top cosmic Jewelry designer David Weitzman releases Astrology talisman That is created at specific time of ideal star alignment

Releases at: 08/06/2009

Cosmic Jewelry designer David Weitzman, through Ka Gold Jewelry, a top cosmic Jewelry website that offers a unique set of jewelries which mixes sacred science, art, and spirit, now offers brand new exciting designs including a very unique and special Chaldean Astrology amulet. Made at a specific time of ideal star alignment, this special talisman contains seven metals based on alchemy knowledge.

(Givataim, Israel, June 8, 2009) – Ka Gold Jewelry, a company best known for its unique, interesting and symbolic jewelry pieces, has recently announced the release of a very special Chaldean Astrology talisman, a very strong amulet that has in its power the ability to bring both success and healing to the bearer. Crafted at a specific time of ideal star alignment, which incidentally is a rare occurrence, the Chaldean Astrology talisman also contains 7 metals that are based on the knowledge of alchemy.

This very unique pendant will not only protect the wearer but will also help support his personal development. The beauty of the amulet is that it suits every person and situation because it contains all the latent qualities and each person uses exactly the ones he needs at a specific time,” explains top cosmic jewelry designer David Weitzman of Ka Gold Jewelry.

Israeli-born Weitzman founded Ka Gold Jewelry, which can be accessed via www.ka-gold-jewelry.com. Weitzman has dedicated himself for many years to the search for sacred knowledge. He has vast knowledge in the fields of Kabbalah, sacred geometry, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and other sacred concepts.

The Chaldean order pendant contains the symbols of the 7 stars (Saturn – lead; Jupiter – tin; Mars – iron; The Sun – gold; Venus – copper; Mercury – mercury and The Moon – silver) arranged in the Chaldean order in the inner circle and the signs of the wheel of the zodiac in the outer circle.

Renowned astrologer Michael Ofek is responsible for advising when to create the amulet. Weitzman explains he only makes the Chaldean pendant when the alignment of stars is at its most ideal, affording optimal conditions for infusing the pendant with the power of action.

Hence, this pendant is only created at specific times and only in accordance to the condition of the sky. The wearer of this item will undoubtedly feel especially protected,” Weitzman reckoned.

Meanwhile, Ka Gold Jewelry also has other new designs to offer including The Journey Ring, The Anna Becoach pendant in a circle and the Pendant of Happiness.

The Journey Ring or The Four Wings ring is created especially for truth seekers and travellers. It has a special Hebrew engraving around the stone and the font used for the engraved letters is taken from the style used in The Dead Sea Scrolls. The Anna Becoach pendant in a circle, on the other hand, is ideal for Kabbalists or Kabbalah practitioners. Kabbalists use the Anna Becoach prayer for protection, balancing and healing and the pendant sold in Ka Gold Jewelry does not only contain a stone in the center but also along the external circle lies the engraved first letters of the 42 words of the said prayer. Meanwhile, the Pendant of Happiness (Girl), which displays an image of a girl which is incidentally drawn by a girl, is a special pendant which symbolizes the time that a person feels free to dream without the need to doubt or to feel fear. The pendant also helps enliven the “inner child” that exists in a person.

All of the Ka Gold Jewelry products may be ordered online. Payments may be made via Paypal, credit card or Western Union. Shipping information may also be found at the www.Ka-Gold-Jewelry.com website as well as details for the free gift with every purchase.

For more information about Ka Gold Jewelry and the Chaldean Astrology talisman designed by David Weitzman, visit their site at www.ka-gold-jewelry.com or send email to [email protected]

David Weitzman may also be reached via phone number 972-3-5730855  


About Ka Gold Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry by David Weitzman is a jewelry website that mixes sacred science, art, and spirit to create designs that reveal the truth about people’s identity and the true nature of reality. Behind these sacred symbols is the knowledge that enables people to take complete control over their lives so they can rid themselves of chaos, fear, and hatred that affect so many people.

Ka Gold Jewelry is where sacred science, art, and spirit meet. Unlock your subconscious today! For more information, visit www.ka-gold-jewelry.com or send email to [email protected]

David Weitzman may also be reached via phone number 972-3-5730855  

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