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Cosmic Jewelry Artist David Weitzman Launch FaceBook Shop

Releases at: 21/07/2011

Givataim, Israel- July 19, 2011- Facebook’s popularity as a social networking site remains unsurpassed. For this reason cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has joined the bandwagon of FB users to launch his FaceBook Shop and establish connectivity to the more than 750 million active FaceBookers.

KA Gold Jewelry is in FB! Its http://www.facebook.com/kagoldjewelry?sk=app_167891343278494 The FaceBook Shop put on view the different jewelry products of KA Gold Jewelry. The very familiar interface of FB makes it easy for casual users to click, like and ultimately purchase the selected Silver or Gold item.

KA gold jewelry is unique. Browsing through the site leads to product links labeled as: Tree of Life; Kaballah; Tibetan; New Age; Egyptian; Runes; Ecology; Japanese and more. Pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings are just some of the main products of KA golf jewelry. Orders are accepted on the FB shop. Shopping for jewelry has never been made more convenient. You can even post a comment pertaining to a purchase.
David Weitzman is the energy behind KA Gold Jewelry. His skill as a jewelry designer and crafter is hard to surpass. His designs deal with the sacred knowledge. His vision is to unite diversity of culture, beliefs, language and religion through his cosmic designs. He was able to merge his skill as a goldsmith and his vast knowledge of the sacred knowledge to create gold and silver pieces that heals, inspires and strengthens the wearer.

David Weitzman
Phone: 972-3-5730855
US Phone: 1-888-215-6036
Mailing address: Flower of life jewels LTD P.O. box 853 Givataim 53108 Israel
Workshop address: Korazin 5 Givataim room 337
Email: [email protected]

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