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A Moving Gesture of Hope in the Middle East

Releases at: 10/01/2011

 Givataim — December 12, 2010 — East Jerusalem — December 12, 2010 — A unique and unusual friendship inspires a Palestinian bakery owner to ask his friend, cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman, to create a special, one-of-kind pendant with his name, “Mohammed,” surprisingly written in Hebrew.

The long-standing rift between some Jews and Islams has a history that dates back to the time of Abraham, whose son Ishmael was sent away because of his animosity with Isaac (Genesis 21:11-21), who was the “promised son” who would receive Abraham’s blessings. Recently, though, a simple gesture from an Israeli Artist to his Arab Palestine friend reveals that even two very different cultures can unite to create something quite beautiful.

Outside my workshop there is a bakery run by Arab Palestinians from East Jerusalem. During the past few months we have become good friends,” relates Weitzman.

The story then unfolds into something quite surprising and also, very touching at the same time.
One of the owners wanted a pendant with his name,” he adds. “To my surprise he didn't want it in Arabic but in Hebrew!
Named “Mohammed,” the bakeshop owner requested Weitzman to craft a simple piece of jewelry with his Islam name written in the Semitic language. The result is a “collaboration of two cultures which have unfortunately been caught up in a very violent "family feud" for over many centuries.”

The unique gift was intricately crafted from silver and hangs on a long, beautiful chain that Mohammed can wear around his neck to remind him of his friendship with an artist and a simple gesture of the unity of two cultures. The name “Mohammed” was carefully handcrafted, with precision and love, using the Jewish letter of the name.
This is a special, one-of-a-kind pendant that Weitzman has not included in any of his other jewelry lines. He also does not sell this exquisite piece on his online jewelry store, KA Gold Jewelry.

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