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Releases at: 18/03/2011

 A Japanese Phoenix, a Symbol of Rebirth to Show Empathy to the Japanese People

March 18, 2011 – The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan last Friday, March 11, shocked the whole world. From here, a tsunami also struck the place thus leaving more properties devastated. Family members were separated from each other; Tens of thousands are living in evacuation centers; around 8000 people are dead and 2000 injured; and yet approximately 12000 are still missing according to Japan's national police agency. People from all over the world reach out to help Japanese people. One such project is the Support Japan Campaign.

Support Japan Campaign is a campaign launched to help victims of the dreadful earthquake and tsunami that seemed to have walloped the whole of Japan. It is being spearheaded by KA Gold Jewelry through the launch of its Japanese Phoenix Pendant – proceeds from the sale of which will all go to the quake victims.

The Japanese Phoenix Pendant was actually an unfinished piece by David Weitzman, who started it around two months ago. "It's an image of a phoenix based on an ancient Japanese crest," Weitzman shared. He hammered out the piece and, back then, was left undecided as to whether he will make it into a pendant or a bracelet.

"At the time, I had no idea that the current disaster in Japan will happen. I left the hammered piece aside planning to get back to it sometime. The events taking place in Japan encouraged me to complete it as it has great meaning that can empower the people and Japan". Finally, he decided to come up with a pendant out of the hammered image.

In a mysterious way, the meaning of the jewel is rebirth. According to Weitzman, the Japanese Phoenix "represents the cosmic circle of birth, growth and order and then decay, chaos and entropy and then the rebirth of something new. Most tend to believe that change and entropy is their enemy but they are wrong."

This is exactly what is happening in Japan right now. A once very progressive country was left devastated by a power quake. Now, it needs rebirth for it to cope with the tragedy it recently faced. The Japanese Phoenix Pendant is just one of the symbols giving hope to all those affected by the disaster. It is one piece that shows empathy to the Japanese People.


For those of you, who would want to share with this cause, please feel free to contact Ka gold jewelry at 972-3-5730855 or email him at [email protected]. You may also visit KA Gold Jewelry Support Japan Campaign for more details on how you can help the earthquake victims via the Support Japan Campaign.

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