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Find Unique Love Talismans for Valentine's Day from KA Gold Jewelry at 14% Discount

Releases at: 06/02/2011

Love is definitely in the air as Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Every person (with or without a partner) may be looking for something new to give other people during this occasion. Unique talisman gifts are considered great finds. The beauty of finding one lies on the fact that they can last in anyone's possession for a long time.

Unique talisman gifts, especially those that come from KA Gold Jewelry, symbolize how the giver tries hard to look for a beautifully-crafted gift for his or her receiver. David Weitzman, the artist behind these masterpieces, had always fused in his knowledge of sacred art and science in every piece he creates. That in itself shows how valuable a piece of KA Gold Jewelry is. Add to that, every jewel has its intention.

A great example of a Valentine's Day jewelry coming from the KA Gold Jewelry line is the 'Key of Love Pendant'. This is an excellent tool for love and acceptance. As David describes it, the pendant is intended to fill one's life with love and wholeness with the world around us.

Then, there is the 'Mobius Ring', a perfect sacred symbol of the creator, whose main purpose is to help the wearer discover that there is a union between one's inner self and that of the outside world. Made through the Mobius strip which was cut from a closed band and formed into a single piece, the ring shows that there is no difference between the inner self and the outside world. It is a great gift for partners as it also depicts oneness and unity in a relationship.

Besides these two pieces of eloquent and meaningful works of art, there is much more you will find via KA Gold Jewelry. The good thing to note is that these Valentine's Day Jewelry gifts are now being sold at 14% off their regular price up to February 14.

Consider these and other items from KA Gold Jewelry treasures to behold. With every piece of Jewel, you can be sure of David's promise: "Sent from the heart of Israel, crafted from the heart of an artist." Celebrate Valentine's Day with these exciting gifts from KA Gold Jewelry. They will surely bring vitality, excitement, happiness and most of all, LOVE, into your lives.

Get a glance of unique talisman gifts for Valentine's Day as well as a variety of jewelry designs from KA Gold Jewelry. Experience how David brings definition to his pieces by fusing in the concepts of science and sacred art in each. For more details, visit KA Gold Jewelry.

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