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Spiritual Jewelry Artist Launches Special Web Section for Meaningful Wedding/Engagement Rings

Releases at: 05/07/2012

Ka Gold Jewelry’s David Weitzman announces the launch of a separate section on his website for Meaningful Wedding/Engagement Rings, dedicated to unique and beautiful wedding bands that hold deep personal meaning for couples tying the knot.

Over the last few decades, the symbolism of the wedding/engagement ring has changed very little. The ring after all is an age-old and universal symbol for eternity, a most appropriate representation for what is hoped to be an unending bond between husband and wife. It comes in an assortment of precious metals, from silver, to gold, to platinum with typical engravings on the inside bearing the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding.

Spiritual jewelry artist David Weitzman’s collection of designs for meaningful wedding/engagement rings is an interesting study in diversity. They mirror the subtle differences while at the same time highlighting the similarities of the many beliefs centered on the union of a man and a woman, particularly on the symbolism of the wedding ring.

The Mobius Ring
David’s meaningful wedding rings vary in design from the modern to the traditional but always based on important symbols of diverse origins. One such unique wedding piece is the Mobius ring. It adds a new dimension to the traditional wedding band with its half-twist. It effectively creates a seamless connection between the inner and the outer facets of the ring, making it like as one, symbolic of the union between man and woman, when two come together in perfect unity and oneness. This meaningful wedding ring may be inlaid with diamonds or other gemstones that hold significant value to the bride and groom.

The Equilibrium Ring
This equalibrium ring is a symbol of a powerful passion and commitment, making it another ideal choice for a wedding ring with meaning. The two spirals represent the two individuals, the bride and the groom, coming together in a relationship that binds them as one yet allows them to keep their own identities. This ring is forged in the traditional techniques of ancient goldsmiths, using fire and hammering the metal into a piece that represents passion, creativity and commitment.

The AHAVA Ring
What can be a more fitting symbol to mark the coming together of two people than a wedding ring that literally means “love”? AHAVA is the Hebrew word for love. The AHAVA ring symbol reads the same backwards, signifying how the man and woman together will balance and give to one another in perfect harmony.


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