The fall equinox is about finding balance and manifesting abundance. This time of equal day and night is marked by the peak of harvest season, which can be interpreted as the physical harvest of food or the energetic harvest of the fruits of your spiritual labor.

7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talismans

Contains the Chaldean order - stars symbol and Zodiac signs.

According to the traditions of Astrology and Alchemy, the seven planets have their corresponding occult virtues seeded in the seven metals. These metals can also be said to hierarchically correspond to the alchemical stages of transformation from Lead (Saturn) to gold (Sun) in the creation of the philosopher’s stone.

Planetary Exaltation and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Two powerful astrology Talisman for self-development, success and health.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

For Success, Abundance and Giving an Optimistic Sense of Meaning and Hope

The pendant talisman design was inspired by the ancient cylinder seals (Babylonian style) while it is also a container for the virtues of Jupiter which are present in the three kingdoms: Plant- sage and hyssop, Stone - Lapis lazuli, Metal - tin, Plus a silver stripe engraved with Jupiter’s magical characters.

Abundance (SHEFA) Pendant and Ring

A Sacred Symbol for Creating Abundance

The Shefa symbol was received in a direct transmission from Archangel Metatron by Dvora Pearlman. It was received as a teacher and a tool to learn, to use and to connect with the great divine. Shefa is a word in Hebrew that literally means Abundance. This word, in its highest and most profound, means a tool for creating abundance.

Pendentif Abondance or

Prix: $722 USD

Anneau Abondance or

Prix: $1,013 USD

Anneau Abondance argent

Prix: $118 USD

Spica Talisman

Powerful fixed star Talisman - for Unbounded good fortune, happiness and protection.

The Star Spica is probably one of the most famous fixed stars known for its abundant beneficial and protective powers. This star is also called Alpha Virginis, as it is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo the Maiden.

Five Metals Rings

Find success and abundance wherever life takes you

The design of the five metals ring (5 metals ring) is based on an ancient kabbalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month on the first Saturday night of the Hebrew calendar month. On rare occasions, on the 2nd Saturday night of the Hebrew calendar month.

Cat's Eye Abundance Ring

A Shining Symbol of Abundance

The Cat's eye stone, known as Chrysoberyl, contains fibres of the mineral mica. When you point a light source at the stone, a strip of light appears in the center resembling a cat's eye. The inscription on the ring is taken from a Jewish prayer and it says: "Opens thy hand and satisfies all that is alive" (POTE'ACH ET YADCHA U-MASBI'A LEKOL CHAI RATZON).

Horn of Venus Silver Talisman

Based on the famous HORN OF PLENTY, a symbol of good fortune, Love and abundance.

The design of the Talisman comes from the famous 16th century Magus John Dee, who was a Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. This is a Talisman for all the Venusian gifts in Taurus, the gift of plenty and abundance, the gift of sensuality and attraction, the gifts of beauty and pleasure and a general feeling of well being.

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