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Mother earth campaign thank you card

Trees for life

Thanks for your help for the Tsunami victims in Japan

This is the thank you letter we received for the donation to the tsunami victims in Japan.
The thanks is obviously to you, our customers, that purchased our jewelry and by doing so, donated to our brothers and sisters in Japan.


This is a South Korean magazine on jewelry that I received in the mail, where there is an article about me, as part of a series of articles highlighting original designers throughout the world.

Conor Obrest interview - mention the Four Winds Ring

Aainaa LifeStyle Magazine - Interview with David Wietzman

Emerald Tablet bracelet Review
Healing Jewelry By Simona Rich

Press Release
Spiritual Jewelry Artist Collaborates with Two Powerful women to Create the "FAmulet" Series

American Art Awards by Thom Bierdz
Tom Bierdz
Thom is the co-founder and the host of the American Art Awards - an international competition in different fields of art. The judges panel consists of 25 established art galleries in the US. Thom asked me to participate in the competition free of charge, because he liked my jewelry art. I emailed him 6 images of different pieces though, to be honest, I didn't expect much to come of it. Three weeks later, I was announced as the 2nd and 5th place winner in the jewelry category!

These are the winning creations:

Genuine Egyptian Scarab

7 metals Chaldean astrology
Genuine Egyptian Scarab
Won Second place

7 metals Chaldean astrology
Won fifth place
American Art Awards
David recognition

Conor Oberst, A known musician speaking about his Four winds ring

"This here," says Conor Oberst, twisting off a turquoise-encrusted piece of jewellery, "is my Four Winds ring. A mysterious stranger sent it to me. If you read the inscription on the band it says in Hebrew: 'Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years.'"

The ring Conor is speakign about is David's Four wind ring:

Four winds ring

Click to read the full interview

Roberto Saviano, a known Italian writer describes his courage ring

Roberto Saviano is an Italian writer and journalist. In his writings, articles and books he employs prose and news-reporting style to narrate the story of the Camorra (a powerful Neapolitan mafia-like organization), exposing its territory and business connections.

In this interview he speaks few minutes about the ring of courage and the Ana becoach Ring which he is wearing.

Ajira Airways

The great ABC LOST TV Show
is using David's Dragon pendant at Ajira Airways website.


Interview with David Weitzman from 
Happinez - Hollands leading life style magazine
Click to Read the Translated Interview

Translated interview with David Weitzman

I Love bling - Interview with David

Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson

lipstick mystic interview
Interview with Jennifer Shepherd

Blended Metals Represent Love's Unity in David Weitzman's New Mokume Wedding Bands

Ten Spiritual Jewelry Designs Released by the Artist David Weitzman

Iranian Jewelry Designer Wins Israeli Jeweler's Contest in Spite of Cultural Tensions

Ka Gold Jewelry Presents Peace Jewelry Made in Israel: The Land of Conflicts

Press Releases

Spiritual Jewelry Artist Launches Special Web Section for Meaningful Wedding/Engagement Rings

Ka Gold Jewelry’s David Weitzman announces the launch of a separate section on his website for Meaningful Wedding/Engagement Rings, dedicated to unique and beautiful wedding bands that hold deep personal meaning for couples tying the knot.

Ka Gold Jewelry Launches New Gemstone Library

Givataim, Israel- May 29, 2012 – Ka Gold Jewelry is proud to announce its new Gemstone Library. Visitors to their website now have an easy jump-off point to a wealth of information about specific gemstones.

Artist David Weitzman Launches Selected Best Quotes Website

Givataim, Israel – May 17, 2012 – Jewelry designer and artist David Weitzman often includes quotations in his works. This is due to his belief that quotes have the ability to empower or inspire people with their inherent truths. For this reason as well, he has launched a website that features quotes he has carefully selected on a variety of life-affirming topics.

Ancient Symbols of Motherhood Featured in Impressive Collection of Mother’s Day Jewelry

Givataim, Israel- April 20, 2012 – With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Ka Gold Jewelry showcases their very special collection of Mother’s Day jewelry, all inspired by ancient motherhood symbols from all around the world

Jewelry Designer David Weitzman Exceeds 4000 Customer Testimonials!

Givataim, Israel- February 16, 2011 – David Weitzman exceeds over 4000 customer testimonials! Passionate and dedicated to his craft, this gifted jewelry designer has consistently earned the respect and admiration of his customers. David continues to study eastern spirituality and ancient wisdom in his unfailing quest for the greater truths from the world’s religions and ancient cultures.

Powerful Valentine’s Day Love Jewelry by Artist David Weitzman

Givataim, Israel- January 10, 2012 - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for lovebirds all over the world, it is time to look for a fitting Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one. Flowers, chocolates and jewelries are popular choices as gifts for Valentine’s.

Cosmic Jewelry Artist Identifies with World Protests via New Set of "Rebels Jewelry"

Givataim, Israel- November 30, 2011- In light of the disturbing political protests that have plagued major parts of Africa and the Middle East and some parts of the rest of the world these past months, it is timely for cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman to come out with a new set of his highly successful “Rebels Jewelry”. It is an inspired creation that should remind us to constantly seek for that which will set us free without resorting to violence. It is an ideal gift for yourself, or for a friend who may be needing a little nudge towards self assertion and individuality.

The Perfect Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Givataim, Israel- November 22, 2011- It’s that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about the special people in our lives and the gift we want them to have this coming holiday season. Ka Gold Jewelry once again offers a wealth of truly unique and deeply meaningful gift ideas. This year’s focus is on pieces that depict the sacred symbols of love, unity and abundance.

Yin Yang Pendant for Relationships: Exciting New Piece from the Artist David Weitzman

Givataim, Israel- October 13, 2011- David Weitzman, the creative genius behind KA Gold Jewelry, is coming out with his newest treasure piece, the Yin Yang Pendant. This newest addition to David’s impressive collection of cosmic jewelry designs is his own artistic twist to the age-old Yin Yang or Taiji symbol, depicting the undeniable relationship of all seemingly opposing yet complementary forces in the universe.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – an Artist Point of View

Givataim, Israel- September 20, 2011- The world is again riveted by the current developments revolving around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We know that all these have been going on for generations. Our opinions are largely the result of what we see on TV or what we read in the paper. The story below is an insider’s view, as told by David Weitzman, a reputable cosmic jewelry designer from Israel.

David Weitzman's Mobius Ring: New Trend for Wedding Ring

Givataim, Israel- September 12, 2011- The Mobius ring is gaining popularity as choice for a wedding ring. A Mobius strip is a mathematical concept where an object has only one surface and one edge. The result is an undulating strip which shows that two facets are made one -a great concept to apply on a wedding ring which is supposed to represent a lasting love between two people.

Cosmic Jewelry Artist David Weitzman Launch FaceBook Shop

Givataim, Israel- July 19, 2011- Facebook’s popularity as a social networking site remains unsurpassed. For this reason cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has joined the bandwagon of FB users to launch his FaceBook Shop and establish connectivity to the more than 750 million active FaceBookers.

Cosmic Jewelry Artist Launch Exciting New Project: Birth Chart Personalized Astrology Talisman

June 19, 2011—Jewelry artist David Weitzman has created a spectacular new piece of intricately composed and beautiful jewelry—the Personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman. The Personal Cosmic Sigil Talisman shows not only mastery of design but also Weitzman's great consideration for his customers. The cosmic jewelry designer, who is known for his unparalleled ability to integrate various cosmic traditions in his works, promises to craft the talisman so accurately that it is sure to encapsulate and reflect its wearer in the most beneficial way.

“Those who dare to be great” value the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring with Laurel Wreath Design.

Israel-May10, 2011 –It is a fact that during the ancient Olympics the Laurel Wreath was a sign of the greatness that the winners possessed. The artist, David Weitzman, who created the Inlaid Silver Victory Ring, had this in mind when he put the Laurel Wreath on the ring.


A Japanese Phoenix, a Symbol of Rebirth to Show Empathy to the Japanese People

To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine – New Forgiveness Pendant by the Artist David Weitzman

March 15, 2011 – KA Gold Jewelry has unveiled a new piece of jewelry, 'The Forgiveness Pendant'. Pendant is meant to be used as presents for making up for anything they have done wrong or as symbols of unity, forgiveness and love. Its design is simple, yet stylish with words of inspiration glittering around the ring – "To err is human – to forgive is divine".

Find Unique Love Talismans for Valentine's Day from KA Gold Jewelry at 14% Discount

Love is definitely in the air as Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Every person (with or without a partner) may be looking for something new to give other people during this occasion. Unique talisman gifts are considered great finds. The beauty of finding one lies on the fact that they can last in anyone's possession for a long time.

A Moving Gesture of Hope in the Middle East

Givataim — December 12, 2010 — East Jerusalem — December 12, 2010 — A unique and unusual friendship inspires a Palestinian bakery owner to ask his friend, cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman, to create a special, one-of-kind pendant with his name, “Mohammed,” surprisingly written in Hebrew.

Spiritual Jewelry Artist Collaborates with Two Powerful women to Create the "FAmulet" Series

Israel – November 20, 2010 – David Weitzman, a cosmic jewelry creator for KA jewelry, joined forces with artist Nona Lila Meged and Iris Yotvat, a woman’ spiritual leader, for the FAmulet Series, a new line of beautiful pieces amulets that draw power from the feminine spirit.

Authentic Egyptian Scarab by the Artist David Weitzman Wins Second Place in American Art Awards Contest

David Weitzman of KA Gold Jewelry recently joined the American Art Awards and landed second to the top spot for the Jewelry Category.

Cosmic Jewelry Artist Launches Buddhist Jewelry

Israel - September 10, 2010 - Talented jewelry artist, David Weitzman, expands the products of online store, KA Jewelry to include Buddhist jewelry, which can be used to gain enlightenment and peace.

The Abundance Pendant Sends a Watch Spinning Backwards

California, USA - June 15, 2010 - An Abundance pendant has mysteriously caused an ordinary watch to run backwards, according to a suburban mother.

Cosmic jewelry artist launches new four elements project; aims to enhance life and achieve balance

Renowned cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman announces the release of his air, earth, water and fire elements project whereby the ultimate goal is to help a person achieve that sense of balance and to experience a fully enhanced life. The four elements and their relevance to, among others, Hinduism and Buddhism as well as tips on finding the dominant element in one’s life are expounded over at

Ring of courage helps Italian writer-journalist Roberto Saviano overcome fear in mafia expose

Italian writer-journalist Roberto Saviano is all praises for his “ring of courage.” Considered a powerful tool for overcoming one’s fears, Saviano wore the ring during his brave and controversial exposes about Camorra, a well-connected Neapolitan Mafia-like organization. The “ring of courage” can be found at

Cosmic jewelry designer releases "I Love Therefore I Am" ring, a paraphrase of philosopher Descartes quote "I think therefore I am"

A renowned cosmic jewelry designer, through his Ka Gold Jewelry website, has released a unique ring that aims to bring endless love and compassion to one’s life. Dubbed “I Love Therefore I Am,” this new David Weitzman-designed ring follows the popular quote of philosopher Descartes “I Think Therefore I Am.”

Top cosmic Jewelry designer David Weitzman releases Astrology talisman That is created at specific time of ideal star alignment

Cosmic Jewelry designer David Weitzman, through Ka Gold Jewelry, a top cosmic Jewelry website that offers a unique set of jewelries which mixes sacred science, art, and spirit, now offers brand new exciting designs including a very unique and special Chaldean Astrology amulet. Made at a specific time of ideal star alignment, this special talisman contains seven metals based on alchemy knowledge.

Ka Gold Jewelry reiterates call for environmental sustainability, responsibility; launches "Mother Earth campaign" to benefit orgs

Ka Gold Jewelry, a website that offers unique jewelries which mix sacred science, art, and spirit, has launched a benefit project dubbed “Mother Earth Campaign” where all proceeds of the special Mother Earth pendant will go to various “green organizations” or groups that advocate environmental sustainability and responsibility.

Meaning of symbols and greater truths revealed through jewelry by David Weitzman

Ka Gold Jewelry is a website found at that offers a unique set of jewelries that mixes sacred science, art, and spirit to create designs that reveal the truth about people’s identity and the true nature of reality. Behind these sacred symbols is the knowledge that enables people to take complete control over their lives so they can rid themselves of chaos, fear, and hatred that affect so many people. Now, the website has a new line of products to check out.

Blended Metals Represent Love’s Unity in David Weitzman’s New Mokume Wedding Bands

Israeli jewelry designer David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry ( have released a new hand-made wedding band collection in time for the popular Spring and Summer wedding season. The wedding bands are created using the Japanese Mokume Gane technique of fusing and unifying different metals into one, representing the permanent bond of love in a marriage.

Ten Spiritual Jewelry Designs on Sacred Symbols Released by Ka Gold Jewelry

Israeli jewelry designer David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry ( have released ten new spiritual jewelry designs as well as three new articles on symbols and sacred geometry. The articles explain the meaning behind several well-known symbols from world religions and cultures.

Giving the Gift of Peace This Holiday Season

Israeli jewelry designer David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry ( will offer holiday shoppers the chance to give loved ones a symbol of peace this holiday season with spiritual jewelry showcasing sacred geometry from various world religions and cultures.

Iranian Jewelry Designer Wins Israeli Jeweler's Contest in Spite of Cultural Tensions

David Weitzman, Israeli jewelry designer and man behind Ka Gold Jewelry ( states that cultural and political differences have no place in separating people, while announcing the winner of his recent jewelry design contest as Iranian designer, Naeeme Ghafoori Seydani.


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Ka Gold Jewelry Features David Weitzman Spiritual Jewelry Artwork.

David's Jewelry harness the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry to bring those wearing them happiness, vitality, excitement and love. We invite you to join us on a journey full of Harmony, Beauty, ancient wisdom and symbolism.

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