• Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*)
  • Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*)
  • Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*)
  • Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*) 422
  • Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*) 422
  • Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*) 422

Ciondolo esultanza planetaria (*Sold Out!*)

Genuine Astrology talisman, made at optimal star alignment. Assembled on the 31st of July 2016 between 05:20-06:24

A powerful talisman using optimal zodiac-star-metal relations to bring the wearer self-development, success, strong ambition and health.
$614 USD
3.0cm/3.0cm -  1.2Inch/1.2Inch
Solid Sterling Silver 925
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Descrizione prodotto

Planetary Exaltation Pendant (*Sold Out!*)

Sold Out!
Assembled on the 31st of July 2016 between 05:20-06:24 while the Sun was rising in Leo, the Moon is in Cancer and Mercury is exalted!

The Planetary Exaltation (star of Magi) is one of the most complex projects I have ever done. The pendant is designed together with the Astrologer, Michael Ofek.
This is a rare and one of a kind talisman that I have made as THE GENUINE THING.
In this pendant, each planet lies within the sign of the zodiac, according to ancient doctrine, to be in its exaltation. The term “exaltations” is part of an ancient astrological concept that Is mostly known today as 'essential dignities' which classifies the essential qualitative strengths of the planets in accordance to their place in the signs of the zodiac. This enables the measurement of the power of each planet in each Zodiac sign. Each planet has a zodiac sign that it works well with (the zodiac sign that is the planets domicile), a zodiac sign within which the planet is weaker (opposite the zodiac the planets domicile), a zodiac sign where the planet has exceptional power - this is its exaltation! and the zodiac sign that the planet is said to be falling or its weakest place (opposite the exaltation sign)

The pendant itself contains all the signs of the zodiac and the seven classical planets of the ancient Chaldean Order. Beneath each sign and symbol, I have placed a different type of metal, corresponding to a star or a sign in ancient traditions. The result is a genuinely amazing talisman representing the different stars and signs and their exact astrological ascensions. Each combination of star and sign symbolizes a perfect state of love, success and protection.
Metal, star signs and zodiac relationships
In ancient times, people were familiar with seven main stars – The sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each star and sign of the Zodiac was represented by a specific metal:
Sun + Leo = Gold
Moon + Cancer = Silver
Mercury + Gemini + Virgo = Mercury/Zinc
Venus + Taurus + Libra = Copper
Mars + Aries + Scorpio = Iron
Jupiter + Sagittarius + Pisces = Tin
Saturn + Capricorn + Aquarius = Lead
A talisman of ancient times
In the ancient world, Talismans were made to strengthen a specific area in one’s life using the right metals that corresponded to the relevant qualities. This pendant combines all the Signs of the Zodiac and the seven classical planets in the Chaldean Order In a very specific way which is called the 'Exaltations of the planets' (also called the temples of the planets in ancient times).

The combination of metal and symbols within this pendant represent an optimal situation in which each planet (representing a pure expression of a fundamental principle in our lives) is in a position of exaltations or, in other words, its powers and qualities are at their strongest and most beneficial.

For example, Venus is considered in exaltations when it is in Pisces - Venus representing love, partnership, beauty and harmony is in its exultations when it is in Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter which gives its qualities a dimension of compassion, universality, unconditional love, great sensitivity to beauty and form and other clear talents in this area. Venus Is associated with copper and Jupiter associated with tin, a combination of these two metals represents the power in the heavenly union and gives the wearer access to these qualities.

More about Chaldean astrology and Kabbalah
There is a link between ancient astrology and ancient traditions in Judaism.
One of the earliest books of the Kabbalah "Sefer Hayetzira"-The Book of Creation "matched the planets, sign of zodiacs and elements to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to the "ten paths of wisdom" of the "Tree of life". The 12 constellations were linked to 12 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which have only a single pronunciation while the seven known stars of the ancient world were linked to a set of seven letters, which are pronounced in two different ways.
Astrologers believed that each planet had qualities of both good and evil while the constellations had only a constant force, which varied as the planets transited them and took on either negative or positive vibrations. This concept explains the influences of the planets and constellations on the life of man and on the lives of every growing thing.  
Similarly, each letter represented an esoteric tool used by God in the creation process and its influence extended from the Divine Will through time space to the human being.

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Cura del prodotto

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What Do I Get?

Each of our items are sold in a decorative package embossed with our original symbol, a string for the pendant and a paper scroll explaining the jewel meaning and authenticity.

What Do I Get?



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