Graduation and New Beginning Jewelry

Jumpstart your career and live life to its fullest

Bearing one of David jewels can help foster the right mindset for fulfilling your dreams. It can remind you who you really are give you strength in times of despair.

David's jewelry makes a perfect Graduation Gift to show someone how much you care. When selecting the gift, consider the meaning that will most touch and inspire the receiver at the time of giving. For Graduation Jewelry it can be WILL POWER, COURAGE, ABUNDANCE or INSIGHTS to LIFE.

What were you made for?

What were you made for pendant
The happiest among us are the ones who managed to give their life meaning. Some people see this approach as a deterministic; one that says each one of us was made for a purpose. I prefer the perception that people are the ones who cast meaning on their life through self realization, creativity and courage. The Octahedron structure gives a definition of time and space and symbolizes consciousness.

Courage and Overcoming Fears

The Ring of Courage
"There would be no one to frighten you if you refused to be afraid."
Mohandas K. Gandhi

The ring of courage is intended to give the wearer the understanding that fear is one of the greatest causes of ones suffering. It cleanses your thoughts, causing them to vanish.
The Hebrew text engraved on the ring says:
"Cowardness is the worst of all measures. Fear is the gate that the fool opens and the wise locks. When fear sneaks behind you, know it is a creation of your thoughts. Clean your thoughts and fear will vanish. Only then will your life become valid. What is within you will bring you life. What is not within you will bring you death."

Over Soul Ring

Over - Soul Ring Gold
Цена: $1,597

This ring contains engraving of the bearer's name in Hebrew. In between the letters of the name, the letters of the Hebrew word for soul – “Neshama” - are engraved.

Understanding the Power of Thoughts

Karma - Thought precedes action pendant
The Hebrew writing on the pendant states "Sof Maase Bemachshva Techila" which can be translated to "The end of a deed is in it's first thought". The pendant contains a live olive seed. The pendant is a reminder to it's bearers to nourish their thoughts and dream their dreams with the outcome in mind.

Over Soul Pendant

This pendant contains a small plate engraved with it's bearer's name in Hebrew. In between the letters of the name, the letters of the Hebrew word for soul – “Neshama” - are engraved.

The Journey of Life

The Ring of Four Winds
Setting out on a journey often follows graduation. You need to broaden horizons, to search yourself, to find the truth.
Life is a journey
The Ring of Four Winds will guard your loved one from fantasy and delusion and will clarify goals, direction, and destiny.

The Journey of life Ring and Pendant
The Journey of life ring is created especially for truth seekers and travelers. The Hebrew engraving around the stone means - "Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years", a sentence taken from the Led Zeppelin song - Kashmir. The font used in the engraved Hebrew letters is taken from the style used in The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Unfold the path to higher dimensions

The sevenfold Labyrinth
This labyrinth is an ancient symbol and can be found in many places in the world. It is a spiritual symbol of growth and development. The seven stages of the labyrinth represent the stages in spiritual development as well as the 7 chakras and energetic centers of our bodies.

Jupiter Venus Talisman

The long awaited Jupiter Venus Talisman will be made by the end of this month!! A new limited edition will be created on the 31st of January 2017 between 14:15-14:55 GMT+3.
The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. It gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority.

Reaching Success and Living it.

The Five Metals Ring
The design of the five metals ring (5 metals ring) is based on an ancient kabbalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month (or twice depends on the month).

Thousand Miles Journey Ring
The ring is meant to encourage you - the wearer for will power and determination and to experience effortless action (Wu Wei). The sentence on the ring states that "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This sentence emphasizes the fact that the seed contains the image of the tree. It is important to understand that the text does not encourage blind actions which may bring an unwanted outcome.

The Key of Success
Life and its multiplicity of prospects reveal itself past graduation!
The Key of Success carries your wish for good luck and success to the traveler, to reach his or her own goals that would be in compliance of their life destiny.

Insightful Knowledge

The I-Ching Silver Pendant
Post graduation is the turning point, when you start seeing the bigger picture, not just what you have been focused on.
Real knowledge is the big picture; it perceives the relations and interactions between people and their surroundings: other people, other creatures, other beings, nature and its wonders, different states of mind etc.
This pendant gives us knowledge and power; it shows us our place within the multitude of cycles of existence. It helps us better recognize our own path in life.

Generating New Ideas - Creativity

The Seed of Life
The origins of this symbol date back with the ancient religions. It is seen in ancient Egypt, at the Kabala, in synagogues and churches.
This pendant carries a blessing; it enhances vision, promotes innovation, creativity and protection.

Finding Your Own New Path

The Road Talisman Key
Post Graduation crossroads open up a range of possibilities to your loved one!
This key conveys a blessing for good luck and a wish for the traveler to safely reach his or her goals in harmony with their life destination.

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