Кулон «Таро: Верховная Жрица», серебро

Эта карта Таро символизирует глубокое интуитивное знание

Этот кулон поможет вам слушать свой внутренний голос и интуицию, сохраняя неуверенность.
$147 USD     (Цена in Gold: $1,351)
2.00cm/3.00cm -  0.8Inch/1.2Inch
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Описание украшения

The High Priestess Tarot card pendant

The Pendant is based on the Tarot Card series by Karyn Easton.

The high priestess card represents intuitive knowledge and depth. It is a dominant and powerful female figure, possessing spiritual strength. Many Tarot readers will tell you that when the high priestess appears in the spread-“The hidden is greater than what is revealed”
An enigmatic issue from which, for the most part, we will not be able to understand a thing. Therefore the High priestess card is one of the hardest cards to understand and interpret, both for the beginner student, as well as for the experienced card reader.

In general, we may say that the High Priestess represents intuition, the hidden and the unknown. However the difficulty in understanding comes from our inability to understand and accept what these terms bring into our lives. Uncertainty is the eternal companion of intuition. The High Priestess represents the tension between our need for certainty and that inexplicable inner sense we carry. This is the place that precedes certain knowledge. This is the place where we learn to accept that it is not in our capacity to see the picture in its entirety, the place of humility in face of the mysteries of the universe that we cannot fully grasp, the place of lack of control and fear. Due to the fact that the human mind always strives to understand, analyze, and learn; it is difficult for us to accept that inner feeling, which cannot be explained in logical terms. The High Priestess is the gateway between the revealed and the hidden.

In the cards reading the High Priestess tells us to embrace the mystery, to accept the fact that at this moment there is no answer for us. All we have to do is to listen to our inner voice and not to the external voices of our surroundings, and to allow things to happen without attempting to manipulate them, to allow things to happen. Lack of certainty and a certain fear of the unknown accompany the Querent at this time. This feeling of lack of control over events is what apparently drives the Querent to try and attain answers. However the situation also compels the Querent to contend with the unexpected, illogical or intuitive places within him/her self. The answer will come at the right time. Things will be clarified and we will discover that when we allowed life to lead, it leads us exactly to the place where we are meant to be. This process is difficult for most of us and demands faith and listening. In any case, it is a very important lesson that we have to undergo in order to grow.

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    Подлинность золота и серебра
    Давид является членом Института стандартов Израиля и проводит периодические проверки своих материалов на подлинность золота и серебра. Институт проверяет, чтобы проба серебра была равна 925, а золота – 14K или 18K. Давид по гарантии бесплатно починит или заменит на новые те изделия, которые поломались в ходе их обычного использования.

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  • What Do I Get?

    Each of our items are sold in a decorative package embossed with our original symbol, a string for the pendant and a paper scroll explaining the jewel meaning and authenticity.

    What Do I Get?

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