John Dee's Pendant Gold

Based on the famous John Dee Hermetic Monad symbols ("Monad Hieroglyphica").

Ancient alchemical symbols of unity, light and creation
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Product Description

John Dee was a fascinating figure from the Elizabethan era, born in 1527 and passing away in 1609. He was a polymath known for his expertise in various fields, including mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, the occult, and navigation. Dee was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I after he predicted that she would become the British queen instead of Mary Tudor and was highly regarded for his intellect. As a trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, his tasks included code-breaking, espionage, and diplomatic missions. Dee's expertise in cryptography and his ability to gather intelligence made him a valuable asset to the English crown.

Dee was also deeply involved in the occult and esoteric pursuits, particularly in his later years. He had a keen interest in mysticism, astrology, and Hermetic philosophy. Dee is best known for his work in Enochian magic, a system of ceremonial magic he claimed to have received through communication with angels. He famously collaborated with medium and scryer Edward Kelley to communicate with these angels and record their messages.

In addition to his scholarly and occult pursuits, Dee travelled, navigated and explored. He advocated for the expansion of England's maritime power and provided guidance to explorers like Humphrey Gilbert and Walter Raleigh. Overall, John Dee remains a complex and enigmatic figure, revered for his contributions to both scientific inquiry and the occult arts.

The symbol of the Hermetic Monad was first introduced in his work titled "The Hieroglyphic Monad," which was published in 1564. The Hermetic Monad is a complex symbol representing the unity of all things in the universe according to Hermetic philosophy, a set of esoteric beliefs rooted in the teachings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, a mythical figure associated with ancient Egyptian wisdom. The Monad encapsulates many key Hermetic concepts, including the idea of the One as the source of all creation, the interconnectedness of all things, and the mystical union of opposites.

Visually, the Hermetic Monad consists of several elements arranged in a precise geometric pattern. At its core is a circle (the Monad), representing the divine unity or the One. This symbol is also the key to the Vesica Pisces - the two intersecting circles representing light and the beginning of creation from which one can derive the structure of the Seed of life. It also represents the Sun and the Eternal. The other symbol is the Moon. The cross represents the four classical elements, while the symbol at the bottom represents fire, the energy or the force of creation. The arrangement of these symbols is meant to convey the fundamental principles of Hermeticism and the interconnectedness of the spiritual and material realms.

The "Monad Hieroglyphica" became an influential symbol within the Hermetic tradition, inspiring further exploration and interpretation by subsequent occultists and philosophers. It remains a symbol of profound significance in the study of alchemy, mysticism, and esotericism.

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    What Do I Get?

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